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Issa Being Undercut by Elijah Cummings

You heard of draining the swamp. That was little more than a punch line before November. Since then, the house Government Oversight Committee has been hard at work. Take a look at their website to see the things they’re doing. The outlet valve for the swamp stops at the committee, and right now Darrell Issa has control of it. Unfortunately, it is mandated that there be some Democrats on the committee as well, and this week is an indicator of how Issa and the rest of the Republicans on the committee have their work cut out for them.

Hearings are being held this week regarding Fast and Furious, also known as Project Gunrunner, a twisted plan that came straight out of the Department of Justice. Guns were are being allowed to walk into Mexico, and straight into the hands of cartel thugs. Basically the ATF is surveilling straw buyers who are purchasing guns in the United States and then taking them down to Mexico. The idea ostensibly was to track the guns, and eventually take down the trafficking network, and with it presumably, some cartels.

You can guess how that worked out. While individual buyers were allowed to buy AK-47’s and other types of assault rifles and weapons by the hundreds, the ATF soon lost track of those guns. Only when they turned up at crime scenes were they able to verify that indeed, they were the same guns they allowed to walk across the border. As it turns out, that was the plan. They had no itention on busting the goon buying the weapons. They wanted to see where they ended up. Well, we know where a few of them ended up. At the scene of border agent Brian Terry’s murder. When that happened, the scheme started to unravel, and ultimately led to this week’s hearings.

Darrell Issa sees this scandal on the same level as Iran-Contra. Anybody who remembers that knows how big this is then. But Issa is meeting resistance, not only from the Justice Department and the Obama regime in general, but within his own committee. Leading the coverup charge for the Democrats on the committee is none other than Elijah Cummings (D-Md). A member of the congressional black whites need not apply caucus, and a race card playing goon on the scale of Al Sharpton is the senior Dem on the committee. His whitewash (no pun intended), started with his opening statement.

Issa started off with his opening statement, and basically laid out the circumstances and what is known about this issue. Then Cummings had his turn. He disagreed with Issa, even quoting him from days earlier in an attempt to paint the committee chairman as someone who didn’t have a handle on the situation. He went back to a statement days earlier in which Issa stated that this hearing was not going to be a discovery mission. We know what happened. That is the line Cummings took issue with. Not withstanding the video, the e-mails (which Issa released), the testimony of ATF agents on the ground, the body of Brian Terry, the guns…serial numbers intact-but Cummings wants us to think we don’t know what happened.

After berating Issa (remember, this was just his opening statement), he once again tried to turn attention away from the main issue, much as he tried to do during the TARP hearings a few months back. This time, he wanted to focus on gun laws in the United States, as if that is what led to this operation into the sewer. He had the gall to bring up a visit by Mexican sham president Felipe Calderon, saying that he pleaded to congress to get the gun situation under control. He didn’t plead, he lectured our congress, and some members actually walked out. Little did Calderon know at the time though, that the guns that were coming from the United States were courtesy of the Obama regime. That’s where Cummings comes in. His job is to paper over that little mess. Just watching a few minutes of video of the hearing, and it becomes clear though; Cummings is not as intelligent as Issa, and he doesn’t have the truth on his side. That’s two strikes Elijah.

And this is strike three, although I’m sure Issa had this buffoon struck out months ago. Issa was tearing into some goon the Justice Department sent over to stonewall. Issa wasn’t happy, because he knew that is exactly what this guy was there to do. Some guy name Wyche. Not sure of the spelling-I never heard of him.

Issa: Who authorized this at Justice?
Wyche: Mr. Chairman, I do not know the answer to that question, and the inspector general is reviewing the matter.
Issa: Then we will have somebody back who does-the ranking member is recognized.
Elijah Cummings: Mr. Wyche, um, let me apologize for that. Um, you don’t deserve that…

This guy is covering up a gun running operation that has gotten a border agent and scores of Mexican citizens killed. I thought Issa was being polite. Well, as polite as you can be with those that would cover for murderous thugs.

And that’s what Cummings and this Wyche character were doing. Cummings is going to try and block Issa at every turn, even going as far as to request a copy of every document Issa gets regarding this disaster. Forewarned is forearmed I guess, eh Elijah?

I hear that Mr. Cummings’ nephew was gunned down last week. For him and his family, my condolences. But even in the face of that kind of tragedy, Cummings, shows his allegiance to politics, continues to pave the way for that kind of nightmare to happen to other families. Stay tuned, this is just getting started.

8 comments to Issa Being Undercut by Elijah Cummings

  • This is a major scandal and we can tell how big it is by the lengths the Democrats are going trying to cover it up. Cummings is actually apologizing to the people who are trying to cover this up, how about apologizing to the people that Brian Terry left behind?

  • I caught a bit of the hearing. Issa sure is hitting a nerve. With any luck, Obama will have a wake up call soon. Very soon. Your post is a good wrap up of what is going down.

  • Absolutely nothing in the news. This is the Teflon administration. They can do no wrong. Issa is as tough as nails but this is obviously going to be a very slow process. It is clear that the democrats have no integrity what so ever.

  • This goes to show just how far they’ll gov to cover up the truth. Disgraceful, yet predictable.

    • There’s political ideology, and then there’s just evil. I’m willing to bet there’s more than a few Dems that will balk at covering this up.

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