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Issa Exposes Napolitano on Phony Border Numbers

Thus far, the left has dictated what the core issues have been for Republican presidential candidates this season. It has worked out even better than planned, with Republicans going off the rails on their own and saving Barack Obama from doing unnecessary campaigning. Not only have they lost focus on the real target, Barack Obama, but while they prattle on about the undecideds, Obama is importing potential voters that already have their minds made up.

There are just a handful (and that’s being generous) of politicians in Washington who are giving any thought at all about illegal immigration. On the contrary, we’ve seen outright pandering from some of the presidential candidates which everyone-including illegal aliens know is a waste of time. There’s no way they can compete what the Obama regime is offering.

Darrell Issa, possibly the hardest working man in Washington, sent a letter to Janet Napolitano, accusing her of falsifying numbers as to the number of illegal aliens successfully making it into this country. We know that Issa has demanded other documentation from Homeland Security before, and as far as I know, he’s still waiting for those documents. You are correct, some people are above the law.

It’s clear that Issa has moles throughout the government and he has used at least one of them to catch Napolitano lying.

Issa’s letter also alleges that “an analysis of a small sample of shift reports from the Casa Grande border patrol station in Arizona showed that over a one-week period in April 2011, at least 82 illegal entrants who were not arrested or turned back south were not reported as got-aways.”

That’s just a small sample from one station for a one week period. There are eight such stations in the Tucson sector alone. Do the math. Homeland Security is touting the fact that apprehensions along the border are down 50 percent since 2008. The numbers Issa got his hands on would explain why. Judicial Watch got their hands on FOI documents and came to the same conclusion: Illegal aliens are still pouring over the border, but they are not only not being apprehended, but not even counted in official figures. Good luck getting anything out of DHS Darrell, especially before November.

As if escorting illegal aliens into the country wasn’t bad enough, the Department of Justice-yes that DOJ, is making sure they have housing when they get here. DOJ hack Thomas Perez, who once served as president of a taxpayer-funded group (Casa de Maryland) dedicated to helping illegal aliens, is attacking two cities in California, allegedly for discrimination.

This month the DOJ’s pro-minority act du jour focuses on two cities — Lancaster and Palmdale — in Los Angeles County known as the Antelope Valley. Perez claims they discriminate against blacks and Latinos when it comes to providing federally-subsidized housing known as Section 8, even though 86% of the Section 8 recipients in both cities are minorities, according to the county commissioner Michael Antonovich who represents the area.

Keep in mind this is the same Perez that was instrumental in trying to cover up the dropping of charges against the baton wielding Black Panthers in Philadelphia. Yes, he is the one charged with finding acts of discrimination, whether real or imagined. In the case of Lancaster/Palmdale, it is imagined. Perez wants all public housing to go to illegal aliens though. Of course, those potential voters he’s looking to provide housing for are a waste in California. This socialist state goes to Obama no matter what.

But Perez is pulling similar stunts in places like Colorado, a state that could go either way in November. His job is to make sure it goes Obama’s way. He’s got union help as well, with hundreds of millions of dollars slated to get out the vote. Of course, ACORN is alive and well, just operationg under a different name(s). Just win baby.

Meanwhile, Republicans candidates are falling all over themselves to distance themselves from Rush Limbaugh and ignoring the actual issues that could/should get them elected in November. We had Rick Santorum this week still on the contraception issue, and adding that he wants to ban porn as well. Then he went down to Puerto Rico and said English should be the official language. Then he gave his backing to the killing of bald eagles. That’s just great Rick. Where do I cast my vote?

Is this a joke? Obama has to be laughing. The Republicans look so bumbling, so goofy, that even John McCain is starting to look reasonable. And if you can do that, you must be doing as bad a job a candidate can do.

We have a fraudulent vote network up and operating in the United States, and Republican candidates are ignoring it, along with any semblance of real issues that could sway ignorant undecideds to vote for them. They’ve done nothing to convince anybody of anything. Sure the anybody but Obama crowd is a sure thing, but that might not be enough votes to win in November. Even if one of the candidates did win, having the left dictate their every move would make them useless. So far though, they’ve been very useful to Barack Obama. That’s bad news for all of us, including those that support Obama. To have his Alinskyan dream fully implemented would be a disaster for everyone, even those that mistakenly think social justice and social-ism is the fairest, most efficient way to run a society.

But by the time that everyone is dependent on government, our debt has become unpayable, the schools are so dumbed down that we become followers instead of leaders in the world, other countries are deciding our elections, freedom lost in the name of tolerance and diversity, it’ll be too late-for us anyway.

4 comments to Issa Exposes Napolitano on Phony Border Numbers

  • The Democrats are doing everything they can to ensure they let as many future Democrat voters into the country as possible, and now it looks like this includes lying about how many people are crossing. Hopefully Issa will get somewhere on this one, I think Fast and Furious is dead.

    • We know there are those Republicans that are concerned about the “hispanic vote.” Ironically, at this pace it’s that same voting block that will vote them out of office.

  • The Republicans will lose in November if they don’t get their act together and focus on the message that will defeat Obama. Four more years of Obama and we will be living in a police state.

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