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Janet Napolitano Targets California Universities

And for California, the self inflicted hits just keep on coming. The beleaguered state couldn’t have made a worse choice if they had hand picked it. Well, as it turns out they did hand pick a proven, inept buffoon to run the California UC system. One more nail in the coffin.

A committee of UC regents has nominated Janet Napolitano to head the California UC system. Yes, that Janet Napolitano. The full board is expected to approve the nomination and unleash this abject failure onto the California higher education system. After overseeing a dysfunctional Homeland Security apparatus that botched everything from Fast and Furious to the border, California regents have decided that this person was the best one for the job.

With no experience at all running any kind of higher education facilities, Napolitano can only run on her record. That record includes the murderous Fast and Furious debacle, with participating agencies under her jurisdiction. As blood fills the streets on both sides of the border, nobody took a fall for the operation. Nice job Janet.

Maybe just as good was Napolitano’s national security briefings to Muslim extremist groups. Check out Egypt for an idea of who they are. And why not? She’s on record saying that American citizens are the threat. We have DHS illegally stalling Darrell Issa with document requests…well, they all do that. Then we have the border. This is the same Napolitano that said noone is illegal. ICE has their hands tied with such restrictive criteria for arresting illegal aliens that arrests-apprehensions are way down. You don’t say. Napolitano also claims to be clueless regarding the girls club sexual harassment cabal currently operating at DHS. She’s an enemy of man in more ways than one. Ironic considering her affinity for Islam.

But the California regents thought she would be an excellent choice. Well, she might be. Governor Jerry moonbeam Brown has signed legislation that would allow illegal aliens to cut in front of American citizens at universities across the state. The same universities that will be under Napolitano’s purveiw. Knowing her affinity for illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens is no secret. If the aim is to transform the UC system, then maybe she is the best choice.

Transform into what though? If the rest of the state and DHS is any indicator this will be an attack on the best and brightest in the state.

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