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Joe Arpaio Starting to Falter

As America descends into a third world socialist utopia, one of the last vestiges of what this country was-and should be is starting to falter. After years of withering pressure from an illegitimate regime in Washington, the new America is taking shape in Arizona.

Joe Arpaio, maybe the greatest sheriff currently walking the beat in the United States, has decided to disband his criminal employment unit, effective shutting down one of the most effective resources the state of Arizona had in battling identity theft. It’s not wholly clear why Arpaio voluntarily shut the unit down, but years of beating from the crowbar that is the Obama Justice Department surely had something to do with it.

Arpaio’s unit was responsible for making sure businesses were hiring legal workers. Since 2008, the unit has raided 83 businesses, with more than 700 immigrants being charged with identity fraud. According to the Justice Department, the ACLU, and a slew of ethno-advocacy groups, Arpaio had no business and no authority to conduct such raids. The success of such raids was irrelevant to them.

But the immigrants arrested for ID theft typically plead guilty to a felony, frequently face deportation and are unable to re-enter the U.S. legally.

Typically. No matter what the haters of Joe Arpaio would like to believe, the few tidbits of SB1070 that still survives includes the show me your papers provision. But as we have seen the past several weeks-days-hours, this isn’t about the law, this is about race.

Arpaio has been mercilessly attacked for his stance on illegal immigration. The state of Arizona has been targeted in much the same way, now being one of the states with the weakest powers to enforce any kind of immigration law. We see how Washington enforces the law. They break it. Arpaio enforces existing law and he gets pummeled. No doubt those that want to see the Che Guevara flag rise above the Arizona statehouse want to see Arpaio behind bars as well. At least that is the wish of Carlos Garcia, director of a state hate group called Puente Arizona. Unfortunately for Joe, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and a tidal wave of other leftists feel exactly the same way. They have political office, they have unelected appointment positions, they occupy benches on the court, they teach our children right up through the university level, they’re spread over the media like a virus, and they all want a piece of Arpaio. Joe has a six-shooter and some pink underwear for the bad guys. You can guess who’s winning that fight.

Joe Arpaio is sheriff of one county in one state in this country. But he is a symbol. What is happening there just happens to make the news. Anybody-any state that dares to take the approach that Joe Arpaio takes will meet the same fate. The poor guy has been tied up in so many dubious court cases that it’s a wonder he gets anything done at all. Maybe that’s the plan. And if Joe isn’t getting it done, who is?

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