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Joe Arpaio Targeted For Recall

For those that think things have calmed down, that there is lull in the attack on Arizona, guess again. The feds are all over the state, from opposing SB 1070 to suing the Tucson School District for making it difficult for illegal aliens to find employment. They’ve also attacked Arizona in a bid to force voters to actually prove who they actually are. Nope, that would violate the voting rights act. Si se puede. They’ve also gone after sheriff Joe Arpaio for alleged human rights abuses against illegal aliens. You can’t make this up. Of course, the “investigation” has been going on for years now, and they haven’t gotten a shred of evidence. Because there is none. But they aren’t through with sheriff Joe, or Arizona. Time for plan B.

Fresh off the fraud encrusted recall of Russell Pearce, former Arizona senate president and architect of SB 1070, Randy Parraz and friends and friends have turned their sites on sheriff Joe Arpaio. Parraz is the community organizer that ostensibly concocted the recall against Pearce, and now he wants Arpaio. Parraz is an IAF trained community organizer. The IAF is an organization founded by none other than Saul Alinsky and boasts such graduates as…Barack Obama. You can’t make this up.

Parraz thinks Arpaio is vulnerable because he only captured 55 percent of the vote in the last election. News for Parraz. When a candidate is known to have a lock on the position, that tends to limit the voter turnout. A recall campaign would bring out all the Arpaio supporters, and there are many. In fact, a poll taken last year showed that Arpaio would have beaten any candidate for governor, including Jan Brewer.

Parraz doesn’t have to worry about the whole state though. He’s focusing on Maricopa County, where as far as Joe Arpaio is concerned are the only voters that count. Arpaio isn’t fazed though, with a war chest of $6 million. Unlike Pearce, sheriff Joe is ready for any and all attacks. And it is an attack, because these clowns won’t even talk to Joe.

“This group, they’ve been coming after me for three years. Instead of going to the media, why don’t they come visit me?” said Sheriff Arpaio.

Well, Joe, these people aren’t interested in conversation or talking to anybody about anything. The Democrat led congress in Washington from 2008-2010 is evidence of that. And if anybody thinks that this group doesn’t have outside help…well, I’ll just say Parraz has a fellow Alinskyite alumni in the White House right now.

Word is that this group has their sites set on Jan Brewer as well. The recall process for a governor is so massive though, that they may have to settle on Joe for now. They’re motivated. They got Pearce, a man considered unbeatable. Of course that was an open recall and anybody could-and did vote. It would be a little different with Joe though. I think what’s going on in Arizona is a leftist laboratory. If successful, you can be sure it will be coming to a town-or state near you.

9 comments to Joe Arpaio Targeted For Recall

  • I hope Sheriff Joe embarrasses them by winning this recall big. It really is a shame when those who would stand up for the law of the land are so demonized.

    • Joe doesn’t seem particularly worried, but after what happened to Russell Pearce I just can’t trust the results of any election anymore.

  • I guess we should have seen this coming, he was next on the list. I am with Larry, I hope he embarrasses them in this attempt. We need people who are willing to stand up for the citizens of this nation and Sheriff Joe is one of the only ones who seems willing to do so.

  • We can always use him in Washington to help clean out the scoundrels.

  • Barb Hartwell

    When things start hitting employers bottom line (MONEY) they will defend illegals rights. They do not care about these people or the people of the state that have to pay for everything else. They just know paying them slave wages helps only them.

  • I agree with you about the employers, but at the same time, illegal aliens are hardly innocent victims. They’re willing participants who will gladly drive down the wage of a job just to get it.

  • Barb Hartwell

    No they are not innocent they are illegal. They would not be here if they did not get jobs and benefits from the government. The employers are the most at fault. I am sick of our kids schools cutting programs as they ramp up classes for Non English speaking kids. I live near a lot of farms and while I was walking yesterday I walked by many of them every worker looked Hispanic of course I do not know if they were illegal but it was odd. I also walked by this construction truck yard the people there I would say there were about 30 were unloading trucks full of Christmas trees all look hispanic I also passed a slaughter house a-lot of the same thing. This is all in a 2 mile walk.

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