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John Boehner Slams Amnesty Opponents

For now, it remains a mystery why comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty) has not yet been hammered out in congress. But as time goes on, it is starting to look alot like a bipartisan agreement: Both sides want credit.

The likelihood that any kind of amnesty bill will make it through congress this year is thankfully, slim to none. The senate gang of eight amnesty bill is currently dead in the water. Marco Rubio can tell you how popular it was. Once a viable Republican presidential candidate, his numbers are now all but off the radar. His fall from grace came after helping sponsor the disastrous amnesty bill. Of course, John McCain was one of those eight, so Rubio probably was getting bad advice.

Although we won’t see an amnesty bill in an election year, the dream still lives in the house. House Speaker John Boehner, unpopular even among his own, recently mocked those that would oppose amnesty. Speaking at the Middletown Rotary Club in his Ohio district, Boehner tore into his collegues that would oppose an amnesty bill, that not only would destroy the party, but the country in the process.

“Here’s the attitude. `Ohhhh. Don’t make me do this. Ohhhh. This is too hard,’” Mr. Boehner told the Middletown Rotary Club in a whining voice as he scrunched up his eyes like he was about to cry.

You saw that right. Boehner was calling somebody else a cry baby. He was calling us cry babies.

Boehner says he’s hellbent on getting amnesty passed. We know he has help too, in and out of government. We know about McCain, and Lindsey Graham, and Rubio, but there is also Karl Rove, who not only supports a path to citizenship, but is actively seeking to derail the campaigns of those who would oppose such a thing. We have Carlos Gutierrez, George Bush’s ex Commerce Secretary quitting his job at CitiGroup to head up a pac that would push amnesty and derail the same campaigns Rove has targeted. We know about Jeb they do it for love Bush, and open borders guy just like his brother. We don’t even have to go into what the left thinks. Illegal aliens are their future voters and would seal the fate of Republicans. Of course, we would go down with them.

But Boehner and his cronies could care less what happens to the United States. I think they’ve demonstrated that already. Amnesty would be the kill shot. Boehner wants us all to know that he’s aiming, and as soon as he gets a lock we’re through. How important does November look now?

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