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Justice Department Cracks Down On Schools

And by default American school children and the taxpayers that fund their education. Whether making up laws to suit them or ignoring laws they disagree with, the liberal faction of America is doing irreparable harm-something they apparently don’t mind doing to their children.

Years ago, the state of Texas has had a law that effectively prevented illegal alien children from enrolling in public schools in that state. If the illegal alien parents were unable to prove legal residency, their kids were out of luck. It appears that some school districts still engage in that kind of self preservation. The politically bipolar Eric gunrunner Holder is going to change all that, for Texas and any other state that might have such policies. Colluding with Education Secretary Anne Duncan, Holder announced new guidelines for allowing illegal alien children to enroll in public schools. Basically, no kind of documentation can be rejected as legitimate by any school if it would prevent an illegal alien child from being enrolled. Holder cited a 30-year-old Supreme Court case that blamed the federal government for illegal aliens being here in the first place. As a result, according the Justice William Brennan we (the people) are obligated to pick up the tab for educating the offspring of illegal aliens. Well, he was half right, but that didn’t give him carte blanche to make up his own law on the spot. But that’s what he did, and Holder is going to use it to turn the screws on American schools.

What this means for America is that education will become more expensive, and the the quality of that education will decline. Just ask California. But Holder doesn’t care about that. He doesn’t care about you.

On Thursday, Holder went on to say that the federal government has “continued to hear troubling reports of actions taken by school districts around the country that have a chilling effect on student enrollment, raising barriers for undocumented children and children from immigrant families who seek to receive the public education to which they are entitled.”

Entitled. The same guy that turned a blind eye while drug cartels gunned down Mexican children with weapons he sold to them now wants to educate the ones that survived. The plan is to have the taxpayer cover the cost of their own demise.

Just ask Arizona what happens when you get on the wrong side of the Justice Department. They will destroy your state. Arizona isn’t long for the game at this point, and neither will be the rest of America if Holder gets his way.

In a related story, California is squawking with the feds on what their new driver’s licenses for illegal will look like. According to the feds, the current design does not distinguish enough the difference between those and real driver’s licenses. California is appealing to allow the design to stay as is. Where there is no argument is that the licenses exist at all. How are these stories related? As I said earlier, the liberal faction in this country are either making up their own laws, or ignoring the ones they don’t care for. Here we have both examples that ultimately lead to the same end: The legitimization of illegal aliens. Brennan invents a law out of thin air to suit his ideology, and California ignores existing law, aids and abets illegal aliens while inventing their own laws. It is the ideology gunrunner Holder will enforce with a vengeance. Far from looking at any jail time, Holder is actually enforcing laws as he sees fit. As he sees fit being the key phrase.

Apparently, crime does pay, and American citizens are the ATM. Lie, cheat and break any law that gets in your way. Nice life lesson for the kids Eric.

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