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Justice Department Orders SCOTUS to Drop SB 1070

In the wake of Russell Pearce’s bogus recall in Arizona, his bill SB 1070 continues to slowly snake its way to the Supreme Court. The Arizona law, that would give law enforcement the power to inquire about immigration status was gutted by a lower court, and subsequently appealed to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, the Justice Department, who are battling to kill the law completely, is arguing in an attempt to get the Supreme Court to not hear the case. This is the same Justice Department who is shipping automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels, while the regime it is part of has ICE and the border patrol hamstrung with new rules on apprehension.

We know that illegal aliens vote, and Barack Obama is doing everything he can to make sure those voters will be around in 2012. That brings up an interesting scenario. Congress had two full years of Democratic rule where they could have passed anything they wanted, including comprehensive immigration reform. The question is, had they done so, would those folks have been able to immediately vote? Not likely. They probably would have been on that proverbial path to citizenship, and the right to vote would have come later. But 2012 is right around the corner, and Obama couldn’t afford to wait for that. After all, he just saw how successful things could be for him by what just happened in Arizona. Illegal aliens voters can just fade into the night, but an immigrant on a path to citizenship…well, there would be more scrutiny there. In fact, there would be a clear paper trail, and it would be much easier to detect fraud. Keeping an illegal alien illegal in this scenario would be in the interest of Barack Obama.

For all the La Raza, open border nuts that depended on Obama to make their dream of reconquista come true, how does it feel to be used as a pawn in a bigger scheme? From each according to his abilities trumps si se puede every time in this case.

I’m sure the Justice Department doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to convince the Supreme Court of anything one way or another. Still, Obama has been able to stack the court with a few of his own, so whether SB 1070 gets to them or not it would still be a close vote. Funny that we can almost tell what the outcome will be even before the case is heard. The idea of going to court is to lay out the facts and obtain sufficient remedy. Not in America, not anymore. Now we’re down to who specifically will hear the case. No blind justice, just a partisan chess game.

The Justice Department should be in some kind of federal receivership, taken over in light of their grossly criminal behavior. Instead, they stand in front of the SCOTUS, arguing that immigration laws should only be enforced on the whim of whatever administration happens to in the White House. They have a separate set of laws for themselves, and we only have laws that have their okay. For the Justice Department, rules that are actually on the books are irrelevant. Well, they may not be irrelevant to the Supreme Court. Then again, the Supreme Court has a history of narrow interpretations of law. They don’t necessarily look at the big picture. That means the Justice Department might win. That means we lose.

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