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Karzai Brands The United States As “Demons”

The foreign policy that passes as Barack Obama’s world strategy can only be described as planned buffoonery. Hosni Mubarak was ridden out of Egypt with the United States cracking the whip behind him, all the while knowing the Muslim Brotherhood would be the beneficiary of this exercise in democracy. With permission from the U.N., Moammar Ghadaffi was deposed in Libya and ultimately executed by the al-Qaeda elements who have since assumed power. Iran is steaming towards nuclear weapons technology, while Obama tells Israel to hold tight. Of course he also told them to go back to 1967 borders and tear down settlements. He sits idly by while his pals in Syria slaughter their own people. Well, on the other hand, the alternative to Assad in Syria is probably much like the alternative in Egypt and Libya. We walked out of Iraq without so much as a drop of oil. The same cannot be said for China though. They got some pretty sweet deals, and none of it would have been possible without the blood of American soldiers. That brings us to Afghanistan. Yes, we are still there, and unless there is some kind of ulterior motive, makes absolutely no sense. Ironically, Hamid Karzai agrees.

After the accidental burning of Korans in Afghanistan, the response was expected, but nonetheless abhorrent. People died as a result of the destruction of a cover to cover manual of intolerance and hate. Well, it all makes sense then. Shortly after that though, and incident that should justifiably piss off the Afghan people took place, and although tragic, you could make the case of a soldier going on a shooting rampage and killing innocent civilians was not entirely unexpected either.

Feigning outrage at the killings, Hamid Karzai met with relatives of the victims and through crocodile tears, once again expressed his contempt for the United States.

The strongest such outburst came Friday. “Let’s pray for God to rescue us from these two demons,” Mr. Karzai said, apparently holding back tears at a meeting with relatives of the massacre victims, and clearly referring to the United States and the Taliban in the same breath. “There are two demons in our country now.”

He’s still taking those bags of money though. This is the same guy that threatened to join the Taliban if the United States didn’t bend to his will. This is the guy who has imposed rules of engagement that are so restrictive, that it would be almost impossible to be victorious in an armed conflict. Oh, what a coincidence, we’ve been in Afganistan over a decade and there’s no end in sight. We go back to the crazed soldier that went on the killing spree. Related?

I’ve said before that the mistake the West is making is thinking they are dealing with the West. They are not. Places like Afganistan are backward, corrupt, and live by the Koran-when it suits them. When it comes to infidels on their soil, it suits them just fine. If Karzai thinks the U.S. are a pack of demons and wants us to leave, we should oblige. Trying to bring that hell-hole into the 19th century will take decades, and that’s only if they want to go. So far, they do not. We should pack our gear, and leave a few F-16’s in the area to slap the Taliban around if they have any ideas of reforming a terror colony in Afghanistan.

But even Republicans-save Ron Paul, are talking about conditions on the ground, and other kinds of crazy things reserved for civilized countries. Over a decade in Afghanstan and they can’t even get a rag tag army together. Our troops are ready to go in 6-8 weeks. Compare and contrast. Again, unless there’s something about Afghanistan that the public is unaware of, we are just wasting time and American lives there.

When Karzai spoke of demons, he wasn’t clear as to whether it was the current demon, or the previous one he was referring to. The policies of both Bush and Obama in Afghanistan are almost identical, although Obama slobbers all over himself to apologize more often than Bush did. But that’s what Barry does in general. Here’s one more apology Barry should make: Telling Karzai we’re leaving. Sorry, but you’re on your own. Keep in touch. But we won’t get that. And unless Ron Paul becomes president, we won’t get it from Republicans either.

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