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Left Apoplectic After Romney Comments

The problem isn’t what Mitt Romney said, it was what Mitt Romney said. Let me clarify that. What Romney said was generally true, but it impinged on the politically correct narrative that is having the effect of turning almost all public speakers into a gaggle of spin doctors, liars, obfuscators, obscurists and appeasers which has the effect of clouding the real thoughts and intentions of the speaker. Although he was among friends, Mitt Romney showed some stones by speaking the truth, and I think it may gain him some support, contrary to analysis of Obama’s lapdog media.

Mitt Romney held a private fundraiser a few months back, and apparently, the son of Jimmy peanut brain Carter was there to tape what Romney had to say. Kind of like James O’Keefe but without the intelligence. The secret video is broken up, so it appears that only choice excerpts were released for public consumption. All the right parts I would say.

Romney started off with foreign policy ironically enough. After the events of the last week his comments on the tape sound on the mark. His remarks amounted to Obama seeing himself as such a compelling individual, that cretins all over the world will stop and follow his lead. Romney pointed to Obama’s blunders in North Korea, Iraq, Iran and…Egypt. He could have thrown Libya in there as well, but how could he have known? He couldn’t have. Obama apparently did though. Another post.

Romney was responding to questions from the guests. One involved the Palestinian situation. Romney hit the nail on the head, the way he should be hitting it publicly.

I’m torn by two perspectives in this regard. One is the one which I’ve had for some time, which is that the Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace, and that the pathway to peace is almost unthinkable to accomplish. Now why do I say that?

I’ll tell you why. The Palestinians have decided that HAMAS and Fatah are the type of ideologies that should represent them. HAMAS does not recognize Israel’s right to exist. And remember, it was the Palestinians that paraded joyously through the streets on September 11, 2001. Romney was spot on.

For some reason, there is the perception that Romney somehow dissed Hispanics. All he said was that if Hispanics become as committed to the Dems as blacks are, then the Republican party is in trouble. I’ve talked about the engineered demographics in this country, and in that context, Romney is correct again.

Then there is what the media is portraying as the infamous 47 percent statement. Check the link and read it yourself. What he said is those 47 percent that pay no taxes don’t care if taxes are raised because they don’t pay any and benefit in that…they can remain in their impoverished government funded reality with a fresh infusion of cash from those that do pay taxes. I said earlier that what Romney said in general was true. I do not think that every person that does not pay federal income tax is an Obama drone and feel entitled. That is especially true now that Obama has gotten his hands on the economy and added more folks to the government teat that otherwise would be doing it on their own. That said, even the folks that have fallen on hard times and have looked to the government to tide them over understand what Romney was saying. But there is a significant part of the population that do feel entitled and and scapegoat the rich for the fact that they essentially have nothing. What is considered rich is another conversation all together. Romney said he isn’t going to worry about those folks because they won’t vote for him no matter what. For them, a Romney presidency might mean they’ll have to get off their ass and work for a living. Sure, it got some people riled up. I don’t think that crowd amounts to 47 percent though. It is very significant however, but the media is just going to harp on 47 percent forever.

There’s plenty more, but after reading the entire transcript, it becomes clear that Romney wasn’t being controversial at all. He was telling it like it is, and after four years of Obama, the way it is is the last thing the left wants to hear. I’ll make the prediction that Romney surges after this. Peanut brain’s son may have done Romney a favor. I would check Rasmussen for confirmation though. You just can’t trust the other polls. Pile Obama’s foreign policy disaster on top of that and Romney is looking strong going into the debates. Don’t blow it Mitt.

6 comments to Left Apoplectic After Romney Comments

  • What Romney said was true, but of course the media is going to spin it into a gaffe. Just like they did with hie foreign tour a couple of months ago. There is no longer even the pretense of non-bias, these people are totally out of the closet at this point and working overtime to help reelect Barack Obama.

    • Amazing isn’t it? All of Obama’s gaffes and all the msm can talk about is what Romney said. They’re in the tank all right, but clearly scared their man might lose.

  • Romney needs to stop worrying about what the left Stream Media is saying and stay focused on hos message and defend his values.

  • Just wait until the real story of Libya comes out. Romney should be able to nail him,,, that is if the media reports anything about the real truth.

    • Luckily Hannity over at Fox has been hammering away every night. He has a much bigger audience that most of the other lefty shows. With all that’s happened in the last week, I don’t see anything hurting Romney. Of course, he has to capacity to hurt himself and that’s my concern.

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