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Los Angeles Displays Shameful Voter Apathy

I’ve spoken many times about how California was headed straight into the toilet. The city of Los Angeles is part of that, and if the mayoral election on Tuesday is any indicator, the state as a whole has nothing on this city.

Tuesday was what should have been a celebration day in Los Angeles. Not only were we to elect a new mayor, but it meant that Antonio mecha Villaraigosa would no longer be around to run the city into the ground. Unfortunately for the rest of the country, Barack Obama gave him a job in his administration, and a springboard to a possible presidential run down the line. Sorry.

Tuesday’s election pitted former city council member Eric Garcetti, who’s father trolled L.A. politics for years, and former city controller Wendy Gruel, who bathed in union money to plaster her face all over the media. Also running was Kevin James, a former prosecutor and Republican, and more notably, one who had nothing to do with the city’s financial woes. The same cannot be said for Garcetti and Greuel, but one of them will be mayor. With less than 50 percent of the vote Garcetti and Greuel will have a runoff election in may. James came in a distant third, as expected in this heavily Democrat town.

When I mentioned that neither Garcetti nor Greuel received 50 percent of the vote, I mean they didn’t get half of the folks that actually voted. In a city of neary 4 million people, Los Angeles got a ridiculously low turnout of about 16 percent. That works out to around 285,000 voters. It also works out to Garcetti getting 5 percent, and Greuel getting 4 percent of registered voters. You saw that right. That’s all that showed up. It shouldn’t be a surprise though. The last election saw nearly the same kind of numbers when Villaraigosa ran for reelection. Los Angeles just doesn’t care. Luckily the few that did show up (including myself) voted down a half-cent sales tax increase that would have gone to shoring up union contracts that the city can no longer afford to honor. We should be seeing a severe erosion of public services as punishment for not voting for that tax.

I’m one of the few in Los Angeles that has a half way decent job, but the the high cost of living and the declining quality of life makes it hardly worth it. I hate to feel like cutting and running, but Los Angeles is beyond saving. It’s bad enough that the majority are okay with a socialist nanny state being run by crooks whose hands are always in the proverbial cookie jar. It’s even worse when the voters don’t even bother to show up and throw out the bums they don’t care for. As a result we have Garcetti and Greuel, merry-go-rounding from they last political post to a new one.

You can be sure that whoever loses the runoff will find yet another public position to insert themselves into. And that’s just fine with this bunch of voters. They were okay with Villaraigosa, they were okay with Obama, and they’ll be okay with either of these two. L.A. politics at it’s best. Yes, this is a good as it gets…

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