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Los Angeles Eyes Reconquista ID Scheme

I’ve said before that we’ve already lost California, so this latest move should be no surprise. As the once great state slowly cedes to Mexico, those that could actually slow the tide are the very ones hastening our demise. If you think this is just another story of a pack of nuts in a state far away, think again. Engineered demographic changes make the White House a very real possibility for some of these cretins, and you can be sure they’ll be bringing their American hating friends along.

Like San Francisco and Oakland, Los Angeles now wants to issue ID cards to illegal aliens in order for them to be able to access banking services. Strange, since a Matricula Consular card, legitimate or not, is all you need to access a range of banking services. But that is the premise of these ID cards. The scheme is being championed by mayor Antonio mecha Villaraigosa, who’s hatred for America and ethno-centric agenda is second to none. Now he wants to drive another dagger into the back of America by pushing for these ID cards.

We can only surmise what can actually be done with these cards. As I said, basically any kind of ID is acceptable to the banks. After all, these are the same banks that gave huge home loans to illegal aliens without requiring any proof of identity at all. Rumor has it that these cards will serve to allow illegal aliens to gain access to city services-even more so than they do now.

Couple this with the LAPD edict to not cooperate with the feds in immigration cases, along with the decision to not to impound the cars of illegal alien drunk drivers, and all of a sudden you have a protected class of law breakers in the city. Look at it this way. What would happen to you if you decided not to cooperate with the feds. How about if you should happen to drive drunk into a police checkpoint? Your life would be hell. Illegal aliens won’t have to worry about that in Los Angeles. We know illegal aliens vote (Villaraigosa will tell you), they work at jobs avoiding taxes while collecting benefits with the very tax dollars they avoid paying. The jails are full of illegal aliens and the streets are full of illegal alien drunk drivers. So many as a matter of fact that the LAPD has decided they just can’t pack any more into a jail cell. They let them go, and they can take their car with them. Well, I’m sure the cops make the drunken illegal alien call a friend to pick up the vehicle. I’ll feel much safer with that thought.

Still don’t get the whole ID idea. I can only surmise that when amnesty comes down the pike-and it is coming, that these folks will at the top of the list, ID’d an ready to be annointed a citizen. So far, no comment from the Justice Department. They’re still after Joe Arpaio, but so far nothing on Villaraigosa.

I said earlier that the White House was a possibility for some of these cretins. I specifically mean Antonio Villaraigosa. Fresh off his convention debacle, the changing demographics make a run for governor very promising, and being promoted as a rising star in the Democratic party, there is talk of Villaraigosa 2016 or 2020. He’s already made his entrance into national politics. And never, never forget his agenda: The conquest of the American Southwest. If he should get into the White House he’ll be able to take the entire country. This is not some crazy far away state. This is closer than you think.

6 comments to Los Angeles Eyes Reconquista ID Scheme

  • Cretin is too fine a word for Antonio Villaraigosa. He is the vile scum of the earth. I am sad for you rj. I wish that you didn’t have to deal with such garbage. Unfortunately, we all have crosses to bear, don’t we?

    • Yes we do, and my point here is that Tony Villa might be coming to a political office near you. I guess we can all share in the misery then.

  • Sadly, it looks like Villaraigosa will be able to hold off the bankruptcy of LA until he is out og office and someone else has to take the blame. What is happening is so serious and only a handful recognize how serious it is.

  • UGH! You are right, once we legitimize these people the demographic shift will eventually lead these illegals to high places in the government. California might already be lost but if Obama has his way the rest of the country will follow.

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