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Los Angeles Flooded With Illegal Aliens

If you want an accurate picture of what America will look like in the near future, just take a look at Los Angeles. When word gets out that illegal aliens are welcome, the population explodes in those areas, and results are devastating. Coming to your town soon.

A report by the University of Southern California‚Äôs Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration is estimating that 10 percent of the population in Los Angeles county is comprised of illegal aliens. Assuming those numbers are correct, let’s do the math. The county is nearly 10 million people, which would make the illegal alien population close to 1 million. Keep in mind that USC is going on the assumption that there are 10-12 million illegal aliens total in the United States and that those numbers haven’t changed since 2000 when the Bush administration was using the same numbers.

The open borders crowd tout the contributions made by illegal aliens and point out the benefits to the economy. Let’s look at some of those benefits.

According to the LAPD, 95 percent of all murder warrants are for illegal aliens. Many are for those that belong to the bloody 18th Street Gang, which boasts a membership of 20,000, the majority illegal aliens.

We have overburdened schools. The Los Angeles Unified School district has a sub 50 percent graduation rate and many of the students are either illegal aliens themselves or anchor babies, and an overwhelming number have English as their second language. The costs of educating these kids is enormous as evidenced by continual bond measures for schools to support the children.

The fraud is out of control. Section 8 housing, food stamps and welfare benefits are consumed by illegal aliens to the detriment of American citizens. The healthcare costs alone are staggering for the county. How would an illegal alien qualify for such benefits though?

According to the linked article, despite low wages, 17 percent of illegal aliens who are heads of households are homeowners. How can that be? At minimum wage-or below, qualifying for a home loan is out of the question. So how do they do it? You are correct, identity theft. There is no other way an illegal alien could possibly purchase a home. Yet another 600 pound gorilla not addressed in the gang of eight amnesty bill.

We are seeing Republicans fold on this issue like a bad poker hand. The governor of Nevada has just signed a bill allowing illegal aliens to have drivers licenses. A Republican. Sure, like John McCain is a Republican. We have John Boehner promising an amnesty bill of his own, separate from the gang of eight. But no one is is discussing the disastrous effects illegal immigration is having on the country. Arizona discussed it and we saw what happened to them. Joe Arpaio is still under attack for his efforts. There is also the political fallout. Once the numbers are sufficient, illegal aliens can vote in their own and not have to rely on enablers that paved the way for them.

Illegal aliens are doing what they know. They are bringing a failed culture with them that includes that idea that the government runs everyone and everything. That is how it is where they came from and that is what is being created in this country. Once amnesty passes, the numbers will be so overwhelming that the country will be unrecognizable. Keep in mind chain migration. Illegal aliens and their families. If you want a look at what your community will look like, check out Los Angeles. Like Obaamcare, there just won’t be anywhere you can escape to.

7 comments to Los Angeles Flooded With Illegal Aliens

  • By the time all of the relatives arrive it will totally bankrupt the u.s. thanks for the numbers. This 11 million had to be total nonsense.

    • rjjrdq

      Amnesty will flood the United States with more than just the folks from South of the border. Allah willing. Think about that.

  • I live in a dump that rivals LA. I suppose I’m burnt out when it comes to the flood of trash.

  • But Pelosi says al those federal food stamp dollars add to the local community. In fifty years, our children and grandchildren will be living in a different country with the same name.

  • Petermc3

    Almost mind boggling the price tag on surrendering the country to the illegal and legal immigrants and their innumerable advocates. At some point the well will run dry, the food riots will begin and only the craftiest will survive. Remember, the system only works for those who know how to work the system.

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