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Luis Gutierrez’ Amnesty Hysterics

This may explain Harry Reid’s obsession with passing the DREAM Act. If he can’t get it done, then the Democrats may lose one of their biggest sources of automatic votes: The Hispanic community.

Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), a Mexican agent disguised as a congressman from Illinois has had it with the legislative process. If he can’t get the law broken legally, then he’s going to take to the streets to demand a reward for criminal activity. Gutierrez has worked tirelessly to get amnesty passed since the Bush administration. He thought that with a super majority in congress the last few years that the time had arrived for country destroying comprehensive immigration reform. Instead of staying under the radar and pushing through a series of smaller bills, the race based La Raza movement went full tilt, with a gigantic amnesty bill and million man marches in the streets. The ploy had the just the opposite intended effect. Instead of scaring Americans into a corner, they just pissed them off and politicians buckled under the tremendous pressure to kill any such nonsense.

To the chagrin of Gutierrez and his ilk, the American people were so successful at asserting their will on a sustained basis, that he may leave politics all together and try another approach. He likens the illegal alien invasion to the struggles blacks faced during the civil rights years. Not only does he give a slap to every American with his ethno based ideology, but he gives an extra kick in the stomach to every brother and sister who suffered real civil rights injustices.

If the DREAM Act fails this time, Gutierrez plans on leaving politics and taking direct action to fufill his mission of erasing the borders. That action includes marches, sit-ins and other actions normally reserved for those that have legitimate gripes. Those activities failed miserably a few years back, and he surely is aware of that. That brings up the question of exactly what kind of direct action is he really planning? He is attempting to rally a community that already are doing much better than they were in Mexico. They may not be on board with his plan. The radicals will though, and we have seen that those types are also affiliated with Marxist and anarchist factions. I’m sure Gutierrez will take whatever he can get, seeing as many planned large rallies ended up as duds in recent years, either because they were seen as ineffective, or there was an important soccer game on that day. That is no joke; outrage needs to be scheduled around certain soccer matches.

Gutierrez may be talking out of frustration, but if indeed he and other Hispanic leaders have delivered an ultimatum to the Democrats, then it would go a long way in explaining Harry Reid’s behavior. If the Democrats lose the Hispanic vote, it may be a huge loss nationally, even though the voter turnout is usually low. It would have an even more damaging effect in many Western states. Harry Reid himself would have lost handily to Sharron Angle without the Hispanic vote. The tide could also turn in local races.

If the Hispanic vote is truly on the line for the Democrats, look for them to pull out all the stops to get the DREAM Act passed. Unfortunately, even if the DREAM Act is killed once again this time around, they will continue to come with both barrels from now on. As the Hispanic population grows and more Luis Gutierrez’ come out of the woodwork, expect race-based ethno politics to take on a more prominent role in the United States. I’ve said before that illegal immigration has already caused damage that cannot be reversed. This is a perfect example.

7 comments to Luis Gutierrez’ Amnesty Hysterics

  • Janet Liu

    Come on, Luis, bring on your revolt. Go rogue! This will help the patriotic border-control movement in the US better than anything else the man could do. With yesterday’s horrible unemployment numbers, I doubt the lame duck is going to do anything about DREAM. So with any luck, we will get to break out the popcorn and watch the Luis Goes Rogue show. As you say, it should include lots of crazy-lefties (even a little left of the people currently in the White House) and weirdo-anarcho-nutcakes and Mexican flags. Let the show begin!

  • I agree with Janet Liu. Let them show more of their true (Marxist) colors. They’ll draw more distinctions than anything we can do.

  • I agree with Janet and Matt. Let them bring it on. Let them show their true colors. Once they do that, all of America can begin to look at them without the rose colored glasses, seeing them for what they really are.

  • “If he can’t get the law broken legally”

    I love that line, it pretty much sums up the whole issue!
    Gutierrez is threatening to leave the Congress? I agree with the other, go and start your revolution, just get the hell out of the government!

  • This guy never was elected to serve the American people. He can go to hell for all I care. I’m more concerned about what the Democrats will cook up to try and hold on to the Latino vote. Harry Reid has give us a clue.

  • Janet Liu

    rjjrdq, your statement that “Harry Reid himself would have lost handily to Sharron Angle without the Hispanic vote. ” is in line with the conventional wisdom, but I am not sure it is correct.

    Mickey Kaus pointed out: “Harry Reid owes his political life to Latinos in Nevada, and in my view he owes a debt,” says strategist Ana Navarro. Does the Senate majority leader really owe his victory to Latinos? Not if you believe the exit polls showing that Reid got 64 percent of the Latino vote, compared with 33 percent for Sharron Angle. Since the Latino vote was 15 percent of an electorate of about 720,000, that translates into a voting advantage of 69,161 to 35,661 among Latino voters–or an advantage of 33,500 votes. Reid won by more than 40,000 votes. In other words, if every single Latino in Nevada had stayed home Nov. 2, Reid would still have beaten Angle by about 7,000. (No wonder the group Latino Decisions is pressing so hard to discredit the exit poll, claiming that Reid in fact won 90 percent of Latinos.) … 3:20 a.m.


  • Right. Don’t forget the unverified absentee ballots where the only proof of citizenship you need is your word. We can only speculate who cast absentee votes for Reid.

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