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Marco Rubio Resurrects The DREAM Act

When Herman Cain was running for president, he was torn apart by the mainstream media, not because he is patently unqualified to be president (and he is unqualified), but because he is black. The more extreme left outlets tossed around terms such as token, and Uncle Tom to describe a conservative man that happened to be black. Make no mistake, if a Hispanic man dared to call himself a conservative, he would suffer the same fate. Marco Rubio is going to make sure that doesn’t happen to him. Once considered the new breed of the Republican party, it turns out that Rubio is either a rino at best, a covert Democrat, or an operative for the open borders crowd, which boasts a spider web of organizations that all have the ultimate goal of transforming America by any means necessary. Sound familiar?

It figures John Kyl of Arizona is in on this scheme. He’s basically a clone of John McCain. And we know his stance on immigration. But we weren’t too clear on the position of Florida senator Marco Rubio, considered a top prospect for the Republican VP slot. We had an idea several weeks ago when he warned Republicans to tone down the rhetoric on immigration. An out of control border, bankrupt social programs, ovedburdened schools, rising crime and gang violence (despite claims to the contrary), and districts all over the country electing representatives that are riding in on a wave of illega alien votes (Can you say the Sanchez sisters in California?), and Rubio is saying tone it down. Hang on to your hats, Rubio has an alternative.

Marco Rubio has floated a plan that would raise the DREAM Act from the dead. It’s basically the same plan with a few tweaks-literally. Under Rubio’s plan, children brought to the United States illegally by their parents would be able to get non-immigrant visas that would…put them on a path to citizenship.

Rubio’s proposal allows young people who came to the United States with their parents to have access to a non-immigrant visa that allows them to study, and after their studies are complete, allows them to work legally in the United States. Eventually, Rubio said, they gain the same status of other non-immigrant visa-holders and are eligible to apply for residency. Three to five years after they obtain a green card, they’re eligible for citizenship.

In Rubio’s mind, this is getting in line, although the process he’s laying out seems much faster than those that actually are doing it the right way. But with the DREAM Act, other than the obvious amnesty aspect, the main problem is actually proving that someone was brought here as a child. There was no such mechanism to address this in any previous incarnations of the bill, and Rubio proposes none here.

One of the more disturbing aspects about the plan came up during an interview with Rubio. He picked a case out of a hat of a valedictorian student that would benefit from such a law. Her sister on the other hand, is not in school at all and would not be subject to the law. What would you do with her Marco? He didn’t say, nor did he say what he would do millions of other illegal aliens that either have family members here, or want to bring them here. He did mention the system was broken though. I wonder how he would fix it.

If this thing couldn’t get any worse, Rubio boasts that he talked with Dick Durbin (D-Il) and suggested hope that this thing could get bi-partisan support. Remember, it was Durbin that sat in the senate chamber and told a room full of illegal aliens that they could be President of the United States. Whether he was suggesting altering the Constitution or just referencing Barack Obama is anybody’s guess. Harry Reid said he would fight the bill. Not because he’s against such an amnesty scheme, but because of the fact that it came from the Republicans, not the Democrats. After years of failure in congress by Democrats to pass the DREAM Act, Marco Rubio would come swooping in with a Republican contingent and scoop up all those Hispanic votes. Bad news for Reid.

This is how Washington addresses a problem. First of all, they create the problem, declare an emergency, and propose a solution that will only make it worse. Unfortunately, the citizens fall for it almost every time. The same people that pull this scam are elected over and over. No doubt Marco Rubio will be one of those.

In Rubio’s denfense-yes in his defense, he may recognize the new America that’s coming, and taking steps to ensure that those folks will be conservative. With the number of illegal aliens here now, the corresponding birth rates and the 14th Amendment cut to ribbons, it’s only a matter of time before the minority becomes the majority. And if that majority happens to be helpless Democrat takers-God help us. On a political level, it makes sense-if you see it as an inevitable tide. For the rank and file American though, it’s all just amnesty, an artificially contrived demographic shift that required the ignoring of laws and a reinterpretation of the Constitution. Some political pundits may argue that we just have to face reality. At least that’s where one rising star of the Republican party is taking us.

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