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Massive Amnesty Scheme in Progress

A picture of Obama’s America is emerging. Illegal aliens. Druken illegal aliens on our roads. ISIS, ebola, drug cartels-and just about anybody else who wants to come in to the United States. Barack Obama has threatened an illegal amnesty after the mid-terms, and it appears he’s going to make good on his threat.

When Barack Obama boasted that he had a pen and a phone and he was going to use them to subvert congress, past actions have shown that he wasn’t kidding. After multiple mini-amnesties, including an illegal decree to the so-called dream kids, and a crackdown in ICE agents trying to do their job, he’s ready to roll out the death blow. According to Bretibart, a draft solicitation from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is asking prospective bidders for millions of ID cards for illegal aliens, to facilitate a expected surge of possible future immigration. That surge has already begun with children breaching the border easier than a well trained terrorist. Now the Obama regime is expecting an initial influx of up to 9 million illegal aliens, all in line for work permits or permanent residency. If Obama gets his way, the number of get in the U.S. free cards required is expected to skyrocket to 34 million.

Keep in mind that is just to facilitate the surge. That does not address the millions of illegal aliens already here, working and reproducing. I mention reproducing because most illegal aliens do not come here to be American. They keep their loyalty to their country while partaking in the fruits offered by the American taxpayer. They will raise their erroneously deemed American children as they see fit.

Don’t expect Republicans to do anything about it. Even with both chambers of congress the Repubs have shown little in way of fight. In fact, many Republicans are on board with flooding the United States with illegal aliens, and you can be sure the John McCains’s and the Lindsey Graham’s of the world will be twisting arms the next two years in an attempt to get an amnesty bill on Obama’s desk. If Boehner survives in the house, count on it.

How can Obama get away with this kind of lawlessness? Well, no opposition is a start. Even a lawsuit is likely to land in a courtroom of a liberal judge. The judicial system is another post. Millions of potential Democrat voters. Brutal drug cartels. Just as brutal terrorists who have a target painted on the back of the American people. Disease infected tourists looking for a hospital bed-assuming they know they need one. And none of them waving the American flag. Obama’s America, and wheels are turning as we speak.

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  • He is planning this massive wave of illegals and you are right that this is only the beginning because there are still those 11 million who are already here. (At least they say 11 million, that number hasn’t risen in years.)
    He will get away with it because the Republicans are on board with it, they are only feigning opposition in order to win the election. Once the election is over they will let it happen.

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