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Massive Voter Fraud Scheme Exposed?

Like an Acornian nightmare, this looks like 2008 all over again. While Eric Holder and co. gripe about the disenfranchisement caused by voter I.D. laws we get this news. Anyone who had dug a little deeper than what the mainstream media dished out knows that when ACORN was exposed by Darrell Issa, and later by two kids with a camera, the criminal empire was down but not out. It seemed to make sense at the time though that cutting off the head of the snake would presumably kill it. Not in this case. ACORN has just mutated into numerous little snakes, and they all bite. To make matters worse, ACORN was just one head of a huge gargoyle. The voter fraud drive that defined ACORN continues this campaign season, and we can only guess how bad it is. We have an idea though.

A group calling itself The Voter Participation Center is sending out mailers in an effort to register people to vote. The mailers contain voter registration forms and even a return envelope to send back those registration forms. Sounds benign enough, doesn’t it? Get out the vote, right? When it comes to voting anymore, there is rarely anything benign, and such is the case here.

The Voter Participation Center has been sending out thousands of these mailers in multiple states, including voter registration forms to dead people, infants, and even cats and dogs. On the surface that doesn’t make any sense. Surely when the election authorities in these states get a registration form from a family pet they will just reject it right? Maybe, but the problem is that those forms aren’t going to the state at all. They make a pit stop at The Voter Participation Center offices. The folks that are getting these mailers may not realize that.

“Register to vote today!” instructs the envelope of the mailer, which notes: “Voter registration documents enclosed.”

For help, the brochure instructs people to “Please visit the Texas Secretary of State website,” and the return address for the enclosed voter registration form is: “The Voter Participation Center, Office of Secretary of State, Elections Division, PO Box 12060, Austin, TX, 78711-9904.”

What has concerned some recipients, though, is that Texas elections officials did not send it.

Mitt Romney has called for an investigation of this group in Virginia. Apparently the forms there were going to a P.O. box of the VPC, and not state officials as the mailer suggested. They could argue the language of mailers, but the fact is, that voter registration forms are going to a private entity for the purposes of…

According to PJ Media, this group is run by Democratic operative Page S. Garner and receives funding from the Tides Center. I urge you to check them out. If you want to know how the left came to power, how they have such a detailed plan for the dismantling of America, how they could have infiltrated so many institutions in this country, how the most destructive buffoons could have actually been installed in Washington to vote in lock step for the most nation killing decrees, a perusal of the Tides Center (or Foundation) will provide at least some of the most pertinent answers.

Why Romney is just focusing on Virginia and not this group as a whole is anybody’s guess. Maybe he feels if he gets them here they will just go away. Like ACORN went away Mitt? The tentacles of this group is spread across the country, and the activities of this single group puts Romney’s campaign in jeopardy.

Update: The VPC has posted a list of the states it was operating registration drives in in the last quarter of 2011. They are:

Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

I’ve said before that between illegal aliens voting and electronic voting machines Mitt Romney was going to have to win in a virtual landslide to make it into the White House. Now add this to the mix. The potential fraud here (remember, we’re only talking about a single group) is so enormous that it might be impossible for Mitt Romney to overcome. Keep in mind the ideology of the likes of a Barack Obama. The ends justify the means, because in the end, it’s the right thing to do. If you think you’re right and anybody and everybody else is so wrong that there is just no compromise, are you going to be bound by the rules? Look at it this way, were the founding fathers bound by the rules? In no way am I comparing the ideology of Obama and his ilk to the founding fathers, but the mindset where something is so wrong that there must be revolution to remedy the injustice is the same. In this case though, the cure is worse than the disease. Anybody can cherry-pick things that are wrong with a country the size of the United States. The answer though is not to dismantle the most successful system in history and replace it with idea that been a proven failure everywhere that it has been tried.

These goons are past the thinking stage though. They’ve taken action, and if Republicans want the White House in November they better act fast. Even more importantly, if we want to survive as a nation we had better act fast. The RNC has resources at their disposal that the average citizen does not. I can sit here at my computer and weed out this fraud. What are they doing? We can guess what the VPC is doing with those voter registration forms. Do you want your vote nullified by a poodle? That isn’t a joke, that is a very real possibility. If somebody actually fills out those forms, we can presume the VPC knows what to do with them.

Hopefully Romney knows what he’s doing in Virginia. He must know he can’t win with this kind of thing going on in critical swing states. Or does he?

11 comments to Massive Voter Fraud Scheme Exposed?

  • Sounds like VPC has taken over where ACORN left off. Someone needs to keep an eye on them.

    • I haven’t acutally connected them to the group formely know as ACORN, but we know those folks are still out there. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a connection.

  • This was a big story in Massachusetts last week as well, the Democrats will stop at nothing to get people registered and in this case they are targeting people they know will vote Democrat. If they vote that is; I wonder how effective it will be to register people who are too lazy to go register themselves. Will they actually go to the polls if they are so disinterested that they can’t be bothered to register in person? But in a tight election where every vote is going to count, even a small turnout by these people could be enough to push Democrats over the top.

  • This needs to go viral. Sadl, however, it will take as yosay an organization like the RNC or, at the very least, a lrge blog like Brietbart to get anything done. These people will have an army of peolple ready to vote in the names of lazy and the derilicts and the family pets.

    • Unless they’re doing things behind the scenes it seems like the RNC either doesn’t see or is ignoring this real threat. You could make an argument for either scenario.

  • “Tides,” that’s all I needed to hear.

    Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Back in November

  • G. Hodgson

    Funny, I got a similar mailing the other day from Focus on the Family and Right To Life. It contained what it claimed was a Voter Registration form, but I doubt whether it’s valid in my state (IN).

    It also asks a couple questions that would be utterly illegal for registering a voter: Political Party and Race. It directs the form to be returned to RTL/Focus on the Family, rather than to the state’s Voter Registration Office.

    This demonstrates, once again, the bald-faced hypocrisy behind the millions being spent in Republican-dominated states to promote Voter ID: In recent history, there have been virtually NO examples of individuals voting as someone else…but there have been millions of cases of voting fraud committed by the very same power-holders who are hyping Voter ID laws. And in a year when the election is bound to be close, those voter-suppression efforts are ramped-up to fever pitch.

    So maybe the Right Wing should pluck the beam out of its own eye before trying to find the splinter in the Left Wing’s eye.

    • rjjrdq

      Sounds like they were up front with who they were and where they wanted the info to go. Not that familiar with focus on the family though.

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