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Mexican Government Requesting a Registry of U.S. Gun Owners

You can’t make this up, although Mexico apparently has. With the memory of Fast and Furious all but ignored South of the border, the corrupt Mexican government has decided that the best way to get a handle on guns crossing into their country is to make sure they know what guns you own.

Mexican lawmakers plan to make a request to the United States senate for a firearm registry in all states that border that country. This registry would include all commercialized firearms, in other words, guns that were legally purchased by rank and file Americans.

Such a request is not without precedent. Barack Obama’s first term saw the rise of Demand Letter 3, which requires gun dealers in those border states to report to the ATF any individuals who purchase more than one semi-automatic rifle – with detachable magazine, greater than .22 caliber – within a five day period. Demand letter 3 was challenged in court but ultimately upheld by a judge. Of course. A Constitutional lawyer on FOX tonight said that gun registries were illegal in the United States under current law. Here we see Republicans once again absolutely silent while the Obama regime flouts not only the law, but the Constitution itself. As of right now, this information is being shared with the Mexican government. Well, not all of it. As we found out from Fast and Furious, some of that information isn’t being shared with anybody.

Although the Mexican government didn’t specifically say give us those names, why would they even ask for a registry if they didn’t plan on having access to it? They will get access if such a registry is enacted. It’s not clear whether the house would have to go along with this scheme. They’ve caved on just about everything else, so why not this? Boehner has even shut the mouth of Darrell Issa, and the Fast and Furious investigation has died on the vine. We’ve seen what happens to those that oppose Boehner. Issa apparently didn’t want to be relieved from his post.

A corrupt government that so intertwined with drug cartels that you cant’ tell one from the other is demanding that the United States provide a list of her armed citizens. Of course. With the blurry line that used to be the border all but erased, Mexico feels that we are subject to their scrutiny…as if we were citizens of that country.

If you still feel like the North American Union is just some kind of conspiracy theory, then please, make your case as to how wrong I am. I’ve made the case many times, and this-this is just one of those many nails it will take to seal the coffin of the United States.

5 comments to Mexican Government Requesting a Registry of U.S. Gun Owners

  • I had forgotten about Demand Letter 3, there has been so much to keep our eyes on some things slip through the cracks but of course that is how Obama wants it. I guess this would be the next logical step and I wouldn’t expect the House to do anything to stop this.

    • You’re right, there is alot coming at us. This agenda has been decades in the making so that should be no surprise. I’m sure the Republicans know who they’re dealing with and they look overwhelmed.

  • North American Union? We can’t handle the union we have. Idiots!

    • Well, we see regions in the American Southwest already under the control of Mexico. How much longer before they make that official? If the citizenship in those areas are any indicator, not very long.

      • Barack and all the Dem counties along the border will NEVER own that one rj. The infiltration is no longer the border so someone will have to deal with this sooner rather than later.

        To be honest, I don’t get it. The illegals here want to bring Mexico here, but they don’t like Mexico enough to stay there.

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