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Michael Bloomberg Bans Clergy From 911 Memorial

I talked the other day how Islam was reaching its tentacles into every facet of American society. Well, consider this yet another tentacle, and it’s going to hurt. It seems as though New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned clergy from the upcoming 911 memorial. Andre Carson must be clicking his heels from that tree branch.

Just over a year ago I wrote about Bloomberg’s vociferous support of the ground zero victory mosque, just blocks from the scene of the worst terror attack in American history. Bloomberg has clearly surrendered to Islam, and he aims to force the rest of us to bow as he has. Not only will clergy be banned, but first responders, and even survivors from that fateful day will be banned. However, he has invited a representative from the Muslim community to take part in the ceremonies. God forbid a Muslim should have to suffer through a Christian prayer. Bloomberg has made sure that won’t happen. At the same time, he’s making sure America gets as much of the bomb vest brigade as they can handle.

Bloomberg’s argument is that there just isn’t enough room for all those people. That’s funny, for the past nine years there was plenty of room, but as the 10th anniversary approaches, suddenly there isn’t room.

As Bloomberg continues his dhimmi duties and trys to promote Islam as the religion of peace, the fact that United States is currently engaged in three wars against that same religon, and virtually every terror attack in the last 10 years has been committed by those in the name of Islam as well. A few extremists? If that’s the case, how is it that a few extremists can engage the greatest military in history for a decade with no end to the conflict in sight? In fact, if we look at the evidence, we’re losing. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are no better off than they were before. The minute we leave, those countries will devolve into the warring hell-holes that they have always been. The Arab spring? Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss. Here in America, we see sharia law in the courtrooms, the classrooms, we see it being forced on businesses, and now we get this.

Like the tea party attacks, this looks like a planned effort as well. Bloomberg is pulling this, while Obama is instructing diplomats abroad to refrain from using terms like Muslim extremists. He’s even re-written history by stating that 911 was an attack on the world. The U.N. wouldn’t have it any other way.

When we say United States, we certainly aren’t referring to the citizens. The divide between left and right is so vast, that there is little, if any chance of closing it. And every immigrant that crosses the border, and every indoctrinated student that graduates from most schools in this nation just widens that divide. Bloomberg was elected easily. What does that say? He’s only one guy, but it took many to put him where he is. Same with California. It’s just a handful in government, but it took many thousands to put them there. It is the left who’s numbers are set to grow. Where is the spring where conservative values can flourish? There is none. But every institution you can think of is full of either policy or law that promotes diversity, and inclusion. How’s that working out? Just ask Michael Bloomberg.

As far as the Judeo-Christian right is concerned in this country, the numbers only drop from here. Unless there is some kind of miracle change in thinking, this country is going to become borderless nightmare that succumbs to every foreign law and cultural calamity that is allowed in. It is us that capitulates, not them, not the ones that ran away from the cesspools they created. The United States will become like those cesspools. Of course at that point, we will only be the United States in name. And that’s the way dhimmis like Michael Bloomberg want it. One world, one law, and a smashmouth religion that’s all about control.

1 comment to Michael Bloomberg Bans Clergy From 911 Memorial

  • mike mann

    Bloomberg is a dictator ungrateful jew idiot hypocrite who needs to get the hell out of America. How many christian soldiers have died or injured in this 10 year old war yet he contradicts himself allowing a muslim mosque on the but tries to stop any problems for a one day memorial on 911 and bans all clergy? Israel is the main beneficiary of all those wars

    Bloomberg was 100% for invading the Iraq and Afghan. What a POS. Get him outta here

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