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Mitch McConnell Declares War On The Tea Party

If there is such a thing as a successful loser, then Sen. Mitch McConnell would fit that definition. The ineffective punching bag of Harry Reid would rather give in and appear to have put up a fight in order to keep his position as wing man to Reid. But McConnell does have some fight in him, contrary to his usual escapades. Looks like the tea party is about to find that out.

Looking like a geriatric madman, when Mitch McConnell clopped around the stage at CPAC with a rifle, the amusement and disgust made for a strange kind of ambivalence. He is ineffective, and has been for some time. When those that try and stand up and actually do something in the senate, it is McConnell that usually stands in the way. Yes, he has his allies, both in the senate and beyond. In fact, he has the entire GOP establishment behind him, and apparently, that makes him feel quite bold. Challenging his authority in the senate is bad enough, but challenging his seat in congress? That means war, and McConnell has declared as such on the tea party.

Matt Bevin is offering up a conservative challenge to McConnell in Kentucky. Bevin has no money, no name recognition, and so far, not much of a standing in the polls. Not good enough for Mitch McConnell. He intends to destroy Bevin, as well as other tea party candidates looking to unseat establishment senators.

“I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” McConnell said. “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”


Yes, McConnell isn’t satisfied with just eliminating Bevin. He wants to crush the entire movement. Why would he be so concerned with races outside Kentucky? You could make the argument that the Republicans are in reach of the senate in November, and all it would take to blow it is a few tea party candidates to get a nomination and subsequently get their asses kicked by their Democratic opponents. That could very well happen, but at the same time, with McConnell at the Republican helm in the senate, the Democrats have steamrolled their agenda, and McConnell has not only not put up any resistance, but has conceded defeat routinely, with the promise of we’ll get ’em next time. It’s always down the line, always a few months or another election away. McConnell has been in the senate a long time. How much longer Mitch? His CPAC speech promised pretty much exactly what has been outlined here, and it remains to be seen if the good folks of Kentucky are hoodwinked once again.

The reality it that Matt Bevin doesn’t have much of a chance. He doesn’t have nearly the resources that McConnell does. In fact, he has barely any resources at all. However, it is pretty clear that McConnell is afraid of him. Is it because he thinks Bevin will lose to a Democrat should he win the primary? Maybe. Or could it be that candidates such as Bevin represent what the people actually want, and he might actually get that message out there? That would mean the end of Mitch McConnell politically, and other RINO’s like him.

Not to worry Mitch, you and your goons will probably overcome the threat of Matt Bevin, but you can’t hold them off forever. You’re on your way out. Maybe not this election, but you are on your way out. The only question will be if McConnell and his thugs actually do crush the movement known as the tea party, or will the people end up having a real voice in the senate.

I have to assume McConnell understands that this planned attack on actual conservatives could backfire. After all, he’ll have to come up with some pretty dirty laundry, and labast conservative values to pull it off. That may pave the way for Democrats to prevail, and with current Demographics as they are, that would be politically catastrophic. But keep talking Mitch, your mouth may be the best resource the tea party has going into this primary.

3 comments to Mitch McConnell Declares War On The Tea Party

  • McConnell is a roach that would sell his own mother off if it meant keeping his status quo. I may not ever agree with someone on any particular issue, but I can not stand a hypocrite who flits like the wind. Never could as a kid and still can’t as an adult.

    • Unfortunately, McConnell has shown he doesn’t really care what you think, and if you aren’t from Kentucky he especially doesn’t care.

  • mileaway

    This asshat is a washed up crony and should have been cut loose long ago. I’m surprised Feinstein and Pelosi didn’t show up with a group of children to protest this idiot!

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