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National Park Service Pimps Islam

Noone in their right mind actually believes that Islam is the religion of peace. That said, a pro Islam video put together by the United States government is clearly aimed at two main demographic profiles: those that do not follow the news, and children.

A video produced by the National Park Service shines a light on Islam, that apparently us stupid Americans just can’t see. While Muslim terrorists lay waste to infidels in Kenya, our government is actively seeking to show us what an anomaly that is.

The video features children giving scripted anecdotes about how mistreated they are by society at large. Things such as not being served quickly enough in a restaurant and getting looks while sporting their hijab are some of the things they apparently have to endure. These youngsters, most either not born or too young to remember 9-11 nevertheless use that day as the catalyst for their ongoing misfortunes.

The kids…take swipes at other religions along the way. According to them, people from other religions “do bad things,” but those religions don’t get blamed for anything. What they fail to mention is that Islamic terrorists actually make a point of letting you know they are doing what they’re doing in the name of Islam. You don’t hear that from other religions.

That brings up another point about these brainwashed and clearly coached children. Everything they say is centered in their religion. Most people do not walk around all day espousing their religious beliefs regardless of how devout they are or what they feel inside. That is not the case with Islam. These kids dress, act out and talk almost entirely about Islam and little else. Again, they are clearly coached, and pretty much nothing they say is actually based in fact.

We can expect this kind of thing from those that would impose Islam on the U.S. Those folks have a friend in the United States government. I could take a swipe at Obama here, but the enablers in the government will still be there long after Obama is gone. That is the real challenge. Not who comes and goes, but those that work behind the scenes and chip away relentlessly at America. This video is a product of those folks.

How bad is it? The National Park Service is preaching Islam.

8 comments to National Park Service Pimps Islam

  • Not really sure why the National Parks Service is creating this video propaganda but I guess it is just how deeply woven the mindset has crept into the US government. You are right, this isn’t only about Obama, this runs even deeper.

    • rjjrdq

      I thought it was an unusual agency as well. The conspiracy side of me makes me wonder what is the connection between Islam and our national parks.

  • This is supposed to be diversity? This is nothing short of the far left teaching them to be “victims” at our expense. This crap didn’t happen yesterday. The Lois Lerners of government have always been in government, but they were never given license to do what they are doing until now.

  • First NASA and now the Park Service. When did CAIR take over our government?

    • rjjrdq

      CAIR isn’t really hiding the fact that they operatives “at the highest levels” of the American government. Apparently, they’ve been at it for years.

  • Stratego

    Yah, sharia law is very big on the advance of women. All the females who support this type of diversity will be sorry when these religious standards are applied to them and they become second class citizens…or property. A big step back for women….like 1000 years back.

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