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Newt Gingrich Pounds Chris Matthews

Gingrich turned the tables on Matthews, asking: “Why do you assume ‘food stamp’ refers to black? What kind of racist thinking do you have? Why are you being a racist, because you assume he’s referring to black?”

One thing you can say about Newt Gingrich: He usually isn’t at a loss for words. Newt is many things, some of it documented on this blog, but tongue tied isn’t one of them. Unfortunately for Chris Matthews, Newt came ready to spar and Matthews got the worst of it. Too many times Newt is on the wrong side of everything, be it his championing of open borders, his distaste of the tea party or numerous other deficiencies, but sometimes… the guy just nails it.

Fresh off his meltdown attack launched at Reince Priebus earlier in the day, a still smoldering Chris Matthews decided to push his luck and interview Newt Gingrich one on one. Gingrich, unlike Priebus isn’t the kind of guy that will sit back while Matthews berates and insults everything he believes in. Priebus decided to avoid a shouting match. Gingrich didn’t need to shout, but Matthews heard him loud and clear anyway.

Matthews started the interview much the same way he did with Priebus. He started with his base ethno-accusations. Gingrich’s contention that Barack Obama is a food stamp president, the Romney birth certificate joke, and even a swipe at Donald Trump. He asked Gingrich that thinking back on it did he have a problem using ethnic politics. Wrong question Crissy. Newt smiled and told him that his assertion was so absurd that he had a hard time answering the question. However, he did answer.

Here’s the video. I’ll let Newt do the talking. Matthews went all the way back to Ronald Reagan to try and support his Republicans are racist assertion. Yes, he accused Ronald Reagan. Later when Newt was systematically destroying Matthews’ arguments, specifically outlining how the Obama economic recovery was a documented failure, Crissy did what Crissy does-he changed the subject.

Like Joe Walsh, Gingrich stood up to Matthews and he wilted like the drunken wannabee that he is. The vid is worth a watch, if not for the entertainment value, at least for a window into the mind of a deranged liberal. Matthews has his show to spout off, but by no means is his point of view unique. His show has low ratings, but that’s because he sucks, not because nobody agrees with him. The NAACP would buy his argument. So would the occupy crowd. Even Obama himself would agree with Matthews if his State Department’s attack report to the United Nations detailing human rights abuses in United States is any indicator. That’s who Matthews marches with and they’ll be casting ballots in November. See what we’re up against.

4 comments to Newt Gingrich Pounds Chris Matthews

  • This was a great exchange and was Newt at his best. He exposed Matthew’s on racist belief that only minorities were on food stamps. This was great stuff!

  • “Chrissy”, as you call him either wasn’t paying attention during th North Carolina Repunlican debate or he is a fool. I go along with the latter, because Gingrich destryed complettly the moderator that night who challenged him on exactly the same “food stamp President” issue. This video you posted was like an instant replay. I do enjoy it when somebody smacks down Chris Matthews though. So, thanks for posting this.

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