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Obama Bashes U.S. at APEC Conference

Has this guy ever said anything good about the United States when he’s gone overseas? I can’t think of a time where he hasn’t bashed this country in one form or another in front of a foreign audience. This week was no exception, and the gall of it all is that he was complaining that foreign investment was stagnating in the U.S., even as he was looking to give away what is left of the United States.

Barack Obama made his way to the APEC conference this weekend in Hawaii, the land of his phony birth certificate (I haven’t forgotten). The idea was to discuss give away jobs to Asia, and there were plenty of takers there. He brought along with him executives from some of the biggest companies based in the United States, as he did when he went to India, and when he went to Brazil. This included GE’s Jeffrey Immelt, who’s company has invested millions in countries like Brazil and China. In fact, GE just shut down the headquarters of its 115 year old X-Ray division in Waukesha, Wisconsin and shipped the jobs to Beijing. Now Obama gives him-and other execs, a seat at the table with China’s Hu Jin Tao at this conference. How many more jobs will be lost as a result of this conference remains to be seen. We can be sure though, that jobs will be lost. That may not be all though. There are growing concerns that GE is sharing sensitive military applicable technology with the Chinese. Yeah, Obama’s jobs Czar.

Meanwhile, Obama is showing nothing but contempt for the American worker, even as he replaces them with low wage immigrants-legal or otherwise. I’ve already gone over where the good jobs are going.

Obama said at the conference that the United States has gotten lazy in attracting foreign investment. The companies he’s referring to are the mom and pops that are competing with the likes of GE. Walmart has been very successful in running small businesses out of town-and out of the country for that matter, and companies like GE, known in business circles as pioneers of outsourcing are doing the same. What Obama was saying was just a continuation of the America bashing he engaged in last month in San Francisco.

“Anybody been to Beijing Airport lately? Or driven on high-speed rail in Asia or Europe? What’s changed? Well, we’ve lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam and unleashed all the potential in this country.”

Really? Is that it? Our ambition? He continued on, and…I don’t know if he was joking around, or he thought he could BS the world. He bragged that his regime has made it easier to navigate the spider web of regulations that any company has to traverse in order to set up shop in the United States. He’s the king of strangling regulations, but he actually stood there and tried to convince guys like Hu Jin Tao, that the onerous, expensive proposition of setting up shop in the United States was not only worth it, but not that difficult.

Well, China has taken advantage of investment opportunities in the U.S., but instead of hiring American workers, they ship in their own. Not exactly a win-win. If you ask guys like Jeffrey Immelt though, the future is there, not here.

Once again, Barack Obama has made an ass out of himself and embarrassed America at the same time. Countries like China and Brazil must falling off their proverbial chairs seeing how badly Obama and his gaggle of execs want to gut the U.S. and turn bloody, communist and Marxist nightmares into economic and military powerhouses. Four more years? Can we even afford four more months?

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