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Obama Blows Hot Air at Governors

Once again, Barack Obama has solidified his position as the nanny tyrant, making it clear that he will impose on America as he sees fit, no matter what the people think.

Obama lectured state governor’s today, telling them that yes, they can come up with their own health care plan as an alternative for Obamacare, but only if that plan is just like his. Confusing? Any alternative plan submitted by the states would have to fulfill the illegal mandates of Obamacare, a law that has already been struck down. If he thinks he can do an end around the court decisions by offering this non-concession, keep in mind that the law already allows states to do this, although they wouldn’t be able to to so until 2017, when the law would be so firmly entrenched that any alternative would be meaningless.

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon and Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown have proposed moving this up three years, to 2014. There is some good and bad to this proposed legislation. First, if Obamacare is unconstitutional anyway, why submit any plan to Obama for inspection? Yes, Obama would have to inspect the plan and make sure that it is as bad as the unread legislation now on his books, but illegal in the eyes of the law. The good part is that states probably should come up with their own version of health care overhaul, but do it in a way that is the right of states to do so. Having Obama destroy the health care system by illegal law is not the way.

All the wrangling aside, what Republicans have to do is take the White House in 2012, and a few votes in the senate, and Obamacare dies. We’re that close. So even without the court decisions, this thing could be killed by a new president signing legislation to repeal it. The time is now though, because once this thing is implemented, trying to extract yourself from it will be very difficult. That was the design.

What got me is how Obama talked about this law as if it were legitimate, as if it hadn’t been struck down. He is once again showing his contempt for the law and ruling by fiat. He had a few other things to say today, sticking his nose into private state matters such as the collective bargaining debate in Wisconsin. Even as federal workers have no collective bargaining rights by law, he rallys for those same rights in individual states. In order to keep the best, he says. Collective bargaining is what locks in the worst. Not that there aren’t good union folks. Of course there are, but collective bargaining agreements lock in guarantees for the bad along with the good. That’s why the feds don’t have such agreements. He also made an appeal to fear by suggesting that police and firemen would leave if they weren’t rewarded properly for their work. Newsflash for Obama. Scott Walker excluded police and fire from his collective bargaining legislation.

Obama won’t let the facts get in the way though. He won’t let the law get in the way either for that matter. It was classic Obama on display today. Does anybody want four more years of this?

8 comments to Obama Blows Hot Air at Governors

  • And of course Sebelius makes any and all decisions whether States meet the requirements. This unelected person.

  • I don’t care what anyone says, this man is not American. No American could disrespect the constitution the way this man does. He knows he is not going to see a second term. He intends to do all the damage he possibly can in these two years.

    • Well, he did say he was willing to be a one term president if he could get his agenda through. He’s giving it his best shot. That’s where we come in.

  • Only Obama could think he could get away with offering a concession that wasn’t a concession. He told the states they were free to opt out of Obamacare, but only if they implemented it on a state level. That is not a concession, it is simply a shifting of the implementation of Obamacare over to the states.

  • I listened to a talk from a Sweish health care administrator last night (I’ll post on it tomorrow), and what was fascinating was the level of control that the 28 counties have over the health care they provide. The national government sets base standards, but regional governments craft the final package.

    As he said, in a lot of ways that matter, Swedish health care is actually more free market than ours. I’m not advocating that we adopt the Swedish system, but I will note that ObamaCare’s nationalized standards are more socialistic than most European systems, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

  • I look forward to your post. Until we get the fraud and liability issues under control, I don’t know if any system would be ideal. I’ve heard tales from some nurses that would sink any system.

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