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Obama Budget Will Bankroll ACORN

What? You thought he would hand the money directly to ACORN themselves? Obama doesn’t have to. All he has to do is put that money in the pipeline and it wll reach ACORN coffers. That’s why they call them fronts, because there’s something behind it.

Barack Obama’s stomach over the beltline budget for the coming fiscal year is loaded with pork, the same pork that he promised to crack down on, including $4 billion for the Community Development Block Grant program, run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These are block grants that are doled out to the various states, with the money basically going to groups like ACORN, and other community organizers. With a currently unknown number of front groups leading back to ACORN, this money could, and likely will, lead straight back to ACORN. Even if ACORN were to apply for this money by name, a judge has already ruled that indeed, they are entitled to taxpayer money. Do you think $4 billion is small potatoes? This is a single program inside of a single agency, and is the exact type of program that ACORN uses to fund their operations. That’s a lot of money going to organized crime.

The HUD Web site cryptically defines the grant’s purpose as providing “communities with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs,”

Pretty spartan language as to where billions of dollars are going. We can only speculate. The Feds can deny culpability by saying that it was up to the states where the money went. The states can appear to distance themselves from ACORN by claiming that it was not them who got the money, and in the end, ACORN is back in business, shielded by a layer of front groups and not even subject to investigation.

Of course they are subject to investigation for the things they have already done, but Eric the coward Holder will not do anything. Cash strapped states certainly don’t have the motivation to go after ACORN, and even if they were inclined, ACORN has billions of dollars rolling in to fight them. The states are the ones doling out this money. Don’t expect them to pick up the torch and go after ACORN on this level. What they will do is largely localized-individual cases of malfeasance that ACORN can easily write off as a lone wolf gone bad.

We can only hope the the opposition to the health care bill will carry over to this bloated budget proposal. One problem might be that it will pass, along with earmarks to Republican interests. Everyone has a price in Washington. The threat of the government shutting down is another factor. I’ve talked before about government handouts. Those folks might get angry. They might vote. If they aren’t inclined to vote, then maybe a recipient of CDBG funds can convince them to do so in order to keep the gravy train flowing.

Margaret Thatcher once said, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. For the hapless American taxpayer, that money is still flowing…out, not in.

6 comments to Obama Budget Will Bankroll ACORN

  • ACORN is responsible for the election of Barack Obama, he is going to repay them one way or the other and he doesn’t care how corrupt they are because their corruption is how he got elected.

  • It is important to note, as you have done, that this money is not earmarked specifically for ACORN. I have already seen several comments on different articles that point that out and say that this is much ado about nothing. I hope there will be a way to track how much of this $4 billion does wind up in their coffers.

    Personally, I still believe they are one of the root causes of our housing crash and they should be receiving no funds from the federal government. Because of constitutional issues, that would have to be accomplished carefully.

  • LD, they can’t even track the stimulus money. How could they track this money? ACORN can apply for this money using any number of affiliates, and nobody is going to check. Besides, a judge has ruled that since the Justice Department refuses to prosecute ACORN, they are presumed innocent and have a right to apply for that money like anybody else.

  • Obama is forciing the States to raise taxes on low and middle income people when they don’t have a job to start with! I call this the democrats back door taxes! He will then blame the States for raising taxes!

  • Not enough people talk about that goodtime. Obama claimed he wouldn’t raise taxes for 95% of Americans, but states raised their taxes right away. Whether the feds tax us or the states do directly, its still money out of our pocket. We know how wisely they’re spending that money too.

  • […] amnesty demander? They do need to be trained. It would fall under the conditions of this grant. I talked before how easy it would be for ACORN to get their hands on tax dollar due to these types of grants. Now […]

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