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Obama Decrees Amnesty For Terrorists

He said he has a pen and he’s going to use it, and he just has, putting America at risk in the process. Well, if this doesn’t fundamentally change America I don’t know what will, the key word being fundamental.

When Barack Obama stood up at the State of the Union and basically gave the finger to congress and the rest of America for that matter, we knew he was serious, given his past history. He said something to the effect that he would do whatever he could administratively to get things done. That means going around congress. He did it with defacto amnesty, a punishing blow to the country and now he’s done it again. The regime has relaxed rules for those coming to the United States that have potential terror ties. By ties I mean those that have provided limited material support to terrorists or terrorist groups. What does that mean? They made the bomb vest but didn’t provide the C4? What is limited?

Only Barry knows and that definition may evolve depending on who wants in. This includes those that are in this country right now. It is part of a law that came about after 9-11. Yes, a law that congress passed and now Obama has decided to tinker with it to his own liking. Sound familiar? So far, not much more than a whimper from the heroes on the other side of the aisle. As much as a basket case as John Boehner is, he at least made some sense this week when he said there won’t be any immigration reform coming out of the house because the president just can’t be trusted to enforce the law. This would give him more ammo to back up that assertion. Yes, Barack Obama can’t be trusted. Welcome aboard, John.

This was part of a larger immigration bill passed at the time. Obama is not only showing he can’t be trusted, but his illegal executive orders actually put the country in peril. That won’t stop the Dems from fueling the fire with yet another amnesty scheme, an attempt to bolster Democratic votes permanently, and diverting attention from Obamacare temporarily. Chuck amnesty Schumer wants a deal that won’t go into effect until Hillary is in office. Let’s get real. At this point in time Hillary is a shoo in. Of course, we can’t trust Schumer either. He was one of the architects of the disastrous 1986 amnesty bill, and he has also said that the Southern border is just about secure. That is false, as well as his assertion that the Obama regime has deported more individuals than any other president. That was debunked by Judicial Watch.. Congress held hearings and tore that assertion apart. Why clowns like Schumer can continue to say it says as much about him as it does about the current crop of Republicans.

Nobody to stand up for the American people. Obama is going to flood the United States with terror colluders and there is little we can do about it. There is something that could be done, but there isn’t enough combined spine in congress to make it happen. Each time Obama gets away with writing his own laws he becomes a little bolder. He has emboldened himself this week.

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