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Obama Decrees Defacto DREAM Act

The wound has just been inflicted so it remains to be seen what the full response will be (although I see bloggers got it right once again and put this front page), but in the meantime, Barack Obama has weakened the country once again, and has also ignored the Constitution once again. Add to the fact that he is once again breaking the law and you have his platform for reelection. Vote for me and I’ll do whatever the hell I want and step on everything and everybody that made this country what it is. That isn’t rhetoric, that is what he’s actually doing.

His latest scheme is to allow illegal aliens to usurp jobs that unemployed Americans are crying out for. In order to do that of course, the illegal alien with have to be exceptionally devious. Extraordinary I think is the word Barry used. After all, in order to qualify for this latest scheme, every criteria happens to be illegal. Right up Obama’s alley.

Since the bogus DREAM Act has no chance of passing in congress, Barack Obama has taken it upon himself to pass the legislation himself. Sounding remarkably like Marco Rubio’s amnesty scheme, the executive order requires illegal aliens to prove there were here before age 16, have no major criminal offenses, have been here for five continuous years and have graduated from a U.S. high school, earned a GED, or served in the military.

Let’s see, how can an illegal alien prove they’ve been anywhere? For those who aren’t sure where to get that kind of documentation, just stop by Los Angeles. It is a mecca for phony document mills and apparently, business is good. Be here for five continuous years. That would be evading the law for five continuous years. Attended a high school. Yes, illegal and at taxpayer expense. How about serving in the military? Well, if an illegal alien has done that, then they don’t need my help finding any bogus documents.

Everything required to take advantage of this illegal amnesty requires breaking the law. How’s that for irony? Barack Obama is aiding and abetting. He is breaking the law. He has no authority to do this, just as he has no authority to impose the other various amnesties he’s imposed. His deportation numbers have been proven a lie, the border patrol and ICE are hamstrung, states that dare to combat illegal immigration are being sued by a gun running Justice Department, and now this. But even Obama admits that what he’s doing is illegal. The next president can toss this thing. Yeah, well, the current congress should toss it. If this isn’t an impeachable offense, then there is no such thing.

Republicans may be worried about losing the Hispanic vote, but the fact is, they don’t have it now, nor will they have it in the future. It is the Republicans that either sat silent or pandered along with the likes of George Bush to create the situation this country finds itself in. Foreign nationals could decide this election, and it will only get worse unless congress grows a pair and starts taking real steps to reform enforcing laws already on the books and handing this country back to real Americans. In the eyes of Barack Obama though, we are not the real Americans, the ones coming across the border are.

Obama said this was the right thing to do and good for Americans. Well, those Americans that will not get a slot at the local college or will be denied employment because and illegal alien got there first will not benefit from this scheme. Make no mistake, there will be beneficiaries, but it won’t be real Americans. That is of course, unless your definition of real American is different from mine.

Clearly an election year ploy, Obama thinks he can pull this off because it mimics the Rubio plan, a possible VP candidate. However, even Rubio came out against the way it was implemented, much as Mittens did. Not what was done, just how it was done.

We may already be done. I’ve said before that the numbers are already too daunting, and it’s just a matter of time before America becomes a third world nation, complete with third world residents. This plan just speeds up the process. And as for those extraordinary flag waving kids in school that would benefit from this scheme, lets not forget who Obama is actually referring to. Viva la raza…

4 comments to Obama Decrees Defacto DREAM Act

  • This was clearly a political ploy and it is clearly unconstitutional in my opinion. Barack Obama has created law because the COngress couldn’t pass the law he wanted and even Bush didn’t dare go this far. Rubio and ROmney both came out against the way Obama implemented the law, but they didn’t come out against the law itsef because both of these RINOs actually agree with Obama on the DREAM Act.
    Steve King says he will sue Obama over this and any congressman who doesn’t get on board with King needs to be fired along with Obama in November.

  • rjjrdq

    Sued by Florida, sued by Steve King, sued by 26 states, sued by Arizona, Justice Department in flames-how can this guy even be considered for reelection?

  • He bought off blacks by implying that he has their back. He bought off unions by stacking the NLRB with union supporters. He bought off women with free contraceptives. He bought off environmentalist by stopping the Keystone Pipeline Project. And, now he is buting off Hispanics. Do we see a pattern?

  • And who has he really helped? Nobody. Certainly not blacks as indicated by high unemployment and still even higher crime rates in black communities. Certainly not union workers, as Boeing will tell you. And…well he has helped hookers with the free contraception. And he hasn’t helped gas prices by blocking Keystone. What a record to run on.

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