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Obama Dodges Drug Runner

Since the mainstream media refuses to address the obvious, I guess it’s up to me again to point out how ridiculously porous our borders are. Most people in the United States-certainly anybody in California, and certainly in Los Angeles knew that Barack Obama was in town and that airspace in the city was severely restricted. The helicopter traffic pilots were very clear about that, so unless you were out of the country, you would have known. Apparently though, there was one guy that didn’t get the news…

Barack obama came to town (I missed him), and amid the traffic tie-ups and diverted flights, attended several fundraisers for his upcoming campaign against the still undecided Republican opponent. After raking in millions from the Alinsky faithful, a funny thing happened as Air Force 1 was ready to head to San Francisco, the scene of Obama’s infamous God, guns and anti-immigrant speech. A small plane loaded with drugs crossed into the restricted airspace and had to be escorted by two F-16’s to the nearest airport. Well, the nearest airport that wasn’t LAX. Only after the plane was force to land were the drugs discovered.

As internal documents prove, the Obama regime is lying about border security. Contrary to public statements, deportations are down, to the lowest levels in decades. The Fast and Furious hearings rage, even as Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Utah, South Carolina, and a host of cities and communities are under attack from the Justice Department for daring to try and protect their sovereignty, and thus the sovereignty of the nation. How appropriate that a drug runner practically runs over Obama on his way to deliver yet another shipment of drugs from South of the border. How do I know the plane was delivering the goods from there? Everybody knew Obama was in Los Angeles-except perhaps someone from out of the country who didn’t get the heads up. Clearly, this pilot had no idea, and was probably flying a route he had traversed many times without incident.

So far, not one of the Republican candidates have said anything about reversing the series of defacto amnesties that Obama has decreed. In fact, Gingrich is trying to one-up Obama. The Romney response to the border mess was mild at best, Santorum doesn’t seem to have a position at all, Ron Paul doesn’t care, and Gingrich…the worst of the lot. This wayward pilot was more than a good folk that just wanted to work. We know that the open borders crowd sees drug runners and criminals as a necessary evil in the quest for a borderless world. But if this clown could fly in undetected, who else could fly in? It’s bad enough drug cartels running their business like some kind of twisted corporation, but if this guy could pilot a plane over a major U.S. city, wouldn’t a potential terrorist want to know how to do that too? This was just one small plane. What about 10 small planes? 100 bomb-laden small planes?

Instead of the issue being discussed, we get Obama’s lavish fundraising dinners, and the Chinese food he ate that day. We shouldn’t be surprised though. Both Republican and Democrat administrations have left the border unsecured. It wouldn’t be fair to blame it all on Obama. He’s just the latest jackass to drive a stake into the country.

This article will be forgotten in a day or so, and we’ll be back to discussing contraceptives and Rick Santorum’s views on women. Obama must be just giddy on how he’s dictating campaign issues, even as the real issues practically fly into him. Unbelievable.

10 comments to Obama Dodges Drug Runner

  • This incident really highlights how big the problem at the border has become and you would think that somebody would be talking about it. Why are the Republican candidates quiet about this? Nobody is serious about doing anything at the border and that includes the Republicans running for president.

  • Barb Hartwell

    This election is going to go down in history as the campaign that opened the American peoples` eyes to the corruption and the blatant disregard to the average citizen. Money is being passed around to keep it all in the the pockets of the rich. States are going broke no money for schools, and other essential services we have had for so long. People are getting less and less and paying more and more. We are being told minimum wage is bad for businesses but nobody could even live on it. Health-care cost have have risen so much companies do not even offer it anymore. the ones that do have the worse coverage available, and the cost is 500.00 to 1000.00 a month for a family. Yet these big corps. pay millions to CEOs just in bonuses. I do not like hand-outs and I believe we all need to work for things but it is getting harder each passing day Its like walking up the down escalator.

    • You covered several issues there Barb. Not sure what they have to do with this post other than they could all be tied to illegal immigration in some form.

  • Barb Hartwell

    It may not have anything to do with immigration, but it`s what is frustrating to me. I know what frustrates you, as you bring this up all the time. The facts are nobody in Washington cares about what is bothering us average citizens They focus on things that are not too important to most of us. Congress was supposed to focus on jobs after the lame duck session, but did not. They rally against gay marriage, birth control, and of-course their political backers, that do nothing for me or people I care about. It`s all for rich and how they can get richer while making us poorer.

  • I was about to say that it is amazing that this incident didn’t make MSM headlines; but, in fact it is no longer amazing.

  • The focus is on Santorum, and will be. A happy excuse to avoid any issue that might portray dear leader in a negative light. Happy President’s day. Sad, really sad.

  • Barb Hartwell

    Well now, we have another problem, Arizona tough sheriff on immigration caught with pants down and being accused of threatening his lover with deportation if he squealed, Babeu has been a naughty boy and does not help the Republican party at all. He still intends on running for congress, after the ass kicking Anthony Wiener got, you would think he would just resign.

  • Barb Hartwell

    It`s not the gay thing It`s the post himself on line and threatening an illegal with deportation if he said anything about their alleged affair. He is running for congress please we do not need another Dog in congress. I would like to see a more sane bunch of people in Washington Thank You Very Much.

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