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Obama Doubles Down On Ignoring The Law

The end justifies the means. If ever there was a more descriptive way of explaining the actions of Barack Obama, that is it. For him, crime does pay, and if he has to change the laws to cash out, he’ll do it.

After years of brazenly ignoring any law that didn’t suit him, finally, someone outside the house Government Oversight Committee has made a stand. Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) has sponsored a bill that would force Obama to obey the law. The house has passed HR 4138, the Enforce the Law Act, by a vote of 233-181. How bad is it when congress has to pass a law forcing the president to obey the law? If he isn’t obeying current law, what good will one more do? How will it make it past Harry Reid? Those bridges will have to be crossed when come to, but congress needs legitimate standing in order to sue the president-any president who gets out of line, such as Obama has.

There are plenty of reasons Gowdy could have used to come up with this law. He used them all. We have the disastrous Obamacare, a “law” so bad that Obama has changed it no less than two dozen times. Unfortunately, he doesn’t actually have the authority to change the law, only congress, the body that actually passed it. He did it anyway and is now daring anyone to challenge him on it. The GOC is still awaiting subpoenaed documents; in fact, the Obama Justice Department has been sued for disobeying the very laws they ostensibly enforce. Eric Holder actually encourages this type of behavior. Illegal aliens have no problem with law breaking, and they certainly have no problem with Obama unilaterally declaring amnesty, while attacking anyone and anything that didn’t follow along. Just ask Arizona. At least Obama has a grateful drunken uncle in his corner. Obama has made recess appointments while congress was in session, and he has used government agencies to make laws disguised as regulations. Nobody is fooled Barry. Then there are the laws he just refuses to enforce, such as DOMA. Without his useless Justice Department to defend laws, there basically is no law. You begin to see how important the act of appointing judges becomes should any of this end up in a courtroom.

This is a pattern for Obama. If he doesn’t agree, he will either not faithfully execute those laws, or change them to his satisfaction. These are just a few examples to show a pattern. More digging will bring more dirt. So what can be done? What recourse the congress have, the body that actually passes these laws? Well, right now, they really have no recourse at all, except to lament the day Obama ever took office. If Gowdy has anything to say about, that will change. 4138 will give congress the standing they need to sue Obama if ignores, or otherwise rigs laws to his liking. Again though, a liberal judge can legislate from the bench, so that makes the Supreme Court that much more important. All Barry needs is one more hack there and he’s got 2 1/2 branches of unbridled government power. As it is, Harry Reid will bury this thing on arrival, and in the event the bill actually makes it to Obama’s desk, he’s promised to veto it. Yes, Obama will veto a law that says he must obey the law. Go figure. If Republicans take back the senate in November, he might actually get that chance. From his perspective, why not? His poll numbers can’t get much lower.

Gowdy made a great speech the other day, quoting then senator Obama on executive powers run amok.

What do we do with a president that can basically change what congress passed by attaching a letter say I don’t agree with this part or that part?

Impeachment? Jail? Deportation? All of the above? We are dealing with a criminal that has soiled the office of the President of the United States. He gives no respect, and he gets none. If we can send a few many more Trey Gowdy’s to Washington in November, maybe things can shape up on a federal level. With 300 million people in this country, there must be more out there. Mr. Constitutional Scholar needs to know what is the role of the executive branch. But it will take more than Trey Gowdy on his own to make that happen.

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