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Obama Foreign Policy Failure in Action

Or a stunning victory, depending on who you ask. If the reaction of Obama and his half Muslim lesbian sidekick Hillary are any indicator this was a prime event in which to apologize for America once again. And apologize they did. Obama may as well have provided the matches that burned American flags all over the Middle East. Of course, he is sending our tax dollars to prop up extremist regimes across the region, so in reality, he just might have bankrolled those matches.

I hesitated to comment earlier, because the events of the last few days were so sudden that details were sketchy. Well, we have more details now, and the whole thing looks like a coordinated terror attack, compliments of the regimes that Obama fought to put in place.

While the embassy in Cairo was being breached and the American flag was being set ablaze, the same thing was happening in Libya. We lost some of our own in Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens and several members of his staff were essentially outed and assassinated by thugs that were participating in a coordinated attack. A coordinated attack, or an enflamed people acting out after an insult to their religion? A coordinated attack.

The story being floated now is that some obscure internet video set off thousands of Muslims and caused them to attack anything American. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found all kinds of things on You Tube that would easily qualify as an insult to Islam, but I don’t recall any riots over those videos. But this one, the video nobody ever heard of, is apparently being splashed across the Middle East, seemingly on every street corner. No I don’t buy it either. This was meant to be a September 11 attack, and Obama, by his inaction made sure that is was successful.

We all saw what happened next. The Obama regime apologized for America causing this phony outrage, and Mitt Romney was eviscerated by the MSM for pointing that out. Suddenly, the regime decided the statement from the beseiged embassy staff was not the official position. Then both Obama and Hillary came out later and basically reconfirmed that it was their position.

To further enflame matters, CAIR issued their own statement. Since the Justice Department blocked prosecution of the goons at CAIR, they are available to make these statements in the context of spokespersons of reasonable Islam. It is CAIR’s position that an extremist Jew got together with extremist Christians and made a film that infuriated extremist Muslims. Yes, Jews and Christians are responsible according to CAIR. These bastards knew exactly who they were aiming at.

Lost in this mess is the fact that earlier this week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was snubbed by Obama. Netanyahu wanted to talk to Barry, ostensibly about the country next door going to hell, and Iran up the road loading their missile launchers. Obama was too busy though, with appearances on Letterman coming up and a radio stint with some guy calling himself Pimp with a Limp. That and the fundraisers took all his time and there was just none left for Israel.

Obama basically kicked Mubarak out the door in Egypt, assuring a Muslim Brotherhood takeover. Mubarak, as bad as he was knew the population he was dealing with. Barry installed the regime in Libya, with the head security guy admitting he was an al-Qaeda goon. Yes, he is the security guy, and our embassy was ransacked and our people murdered. Even the safe house, the place where embassy staff could go in situations like this was compromised. Coincidence?

How anyone could even think of giving Obama another four years is almost beyond comprehension. Check the MSM though. No criticism of Obama at all. On the contrary, they are running with the narrative that Romney is shooting first and aiming later. For them, this is all about Romney. Then again, if you feel that America needs to come down a few notches, you think Israel should not exist, you think the Arab spring is a seed of democracy, you think (as Rahm Emanuel said) that the 1st Amendment is overrated, well, then Obama is doing everything right.

12 comments to Obama Foreign Policy Failure in Action

  • Wow! Several of us are on the same wavelebgth tosay. Everything that has happened in Egypt and Libya over the last few days was predictable. Many of us predicted these events at the start of the ao-called Arab Spring, which was instigated by barack obama and Hillary Clinton. Those two own this Arab Spring and they are responsible for everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen in that region of the world. Our government is in the hands of fools!

  • This has got to be the last straw for Obama, I don’t see how anyone in their right mind can vote for this man after this week although the MSM is still trying to cover for him by focusing on Romney. We are in serious trouble if this man gets reelected and I hope enough people now realize this.

    • I don’t know, I was looking at Rasmussen, the poll(s) I trust the most, and it looks like Obama’s lead is holding. Makes me wonder if we’ve already lost the country. It shouldn’t be this close.

  • The media is still spreading the word that the film in question is the reason the Muslims are up in arms. I think it is just the excuse they are using. This was clearly a coordinated attack.

    Even more troubling are the reports that say our government had 48 hours of warning before the attacks took place. That begs the question of why the Marines were not sent in to protect our people.

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