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Obama Hands Libya to al-Qaeda

While the bitching and moaning over how much more money we can spend rages in Washington, the United States the Obama regime has given an entire country to the enemies that we are supposedly at war with.

Despite the fact that the Libyan rebels are soaked in Hezbollah and al-Qaeda thugs, the administration has given them full diplomatic recognition as the governing authority in Libya. In other words, they have given the country over to terrorists. No, Ghadaffi is no saint. Noone in the Middle East and North Africa is, but the monsters that just received Libya as a gift are even worse.

All the Obama regime needed was a promise that these rebels won’t be even worse than Ghadaffi. That was good enough for Hillary Clinton, one of the highest ranking dhimmis in the world.

The rebels’ Transitional National Council “has offered important assurances today, including the promise to pursue a process of democratic reform that is inclusive both geographically and politically,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in an explanation of the decision to other foreign ministers.

We promise, now give us some money. That money is on the way. This decision opens the door for the rebels to get their hands on $30 billion of Libyan assets. Al-Qaeda bank accounts will be ringing all over the world.

I’ve talked before about how all the rebel fighters may be Hezbollah and al-Qaeda. Yes, all of them.

John Lee Anderson, staff writer for the New Yorker was on the ground in Libya in April, and he said the rebels numbered no more than 1000. He was there and that was his assessment. $30 billion? I questioned then the idea of supporting these goons. It looked to me like all terror, all the time.

NATO Supreme Commander Admiral James Stavridis said that there were flickers of al-Qaida in the rebel ranks. Noman Benotman, al-Qaeda affiliate in Libya (although he claims to have renounced them) went even further, saying that there were 1000 jihadists fighting in Libya, including members of al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. Let’s do the math. Anderson says that there are no more than 1000 rebels in the fight. Benotman says that there are 1000 jihadists there right now. If these numbers are accurate, then the entire rebel force is made up of al-Qaeda and Hezbollah jihadists.

Yet they are now recognized as the legitimate government in Libya.

Keep in mind that out troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama is about to bankroll enough bullets to pile up the bodybags. Where is the so-called counterweight GOP? Troops will die because of this, and on a lesser note, Libya will be no better off. In fact, NATO has warned the rebels to stop whacking civilians. Correct, the same thing Ghadaffi was accused of.

You can’t replace crap with more crap and expect a different result. Or, you could say you can’t replace this Islam with that Islam and expect change. Don’t tell that to Obama though. Remember, he ignored Congress in pursuit of this. I think he planned to recognize the rebels al-Qaida all along. After all, he cleared the way for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, so this should come as no suprise.

535 members of Congress (with a full house), and nobody has anything to say about this? Obama has handed an oil rich nation to the very thugs that would destroy America. Now they will have an endless supply of financing to do just that. Obama the destroyer-with a little help from his friends.

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