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Obama Places Islam on a Pedestal

It’s pretty easy to tear apart just about anything Barack Obama says, because he is in the unenviable position of having to hide his real agenda. But when he’s implementing that agenda as aggressively as he is, it’s impossible to hide it for long. Put him in front a bunch of crackpots like the goons that troll the United Nations and he’s pretty comfortable apologizing, pandering, and overall chillin’ with the worst the world has to offer.

A busy Barack Obama took time out of his hectic schedule to speak at the U.N. and slap America around even more than he already has. He started out with a tribute to Ambassador Chris Stevens, the man whose security concerns were ignored. While Obama fiddled Rome burned, and Chris is no longer with us. Obama is the last guy with the right to deliver a much too late eulogy.

But he dovetailed it into talking about the wondrous Arab spring. He talked about Tunisia, where the nightmare officially began, he talked about Egypt, where the nightmare is currently in progress, and he talked about Libya and Yemen, where America is hated even more now than under Bush. Funny thing about Libya. He’s done nothing to stop the slaughter in Syria, although like most Middle East countries, the solution may be worse than the problem. However, he just had to intervene in Libya to prevent the slaughter of innocents. Who will intervene to stop you Barry? You couldn’t keep terrorists shackled and it came back to bite us.

Still slobbering over the Middle East, Obama made a gross misstatement. Sounded good, but not true.He said that freedom and democracy are not just Western and American values, but universal values. Not in the Middle East Barry. Egyptian thug Morsi got up in front of that same crowd and called on America to censor itself, to trash the First Amendment. Not universal Barry.

As he plodded, it’s clear that he’s fallen into the same trap as George Bush did. He thinks that the Islamic world thinks like the West. They do not, and they certainly do not share universal values. Egypt voted in a strict radical Islamist government. Does that sound like they want freedom? If Islam is all there is, then freedom isn’t even something to be debated. The two cannot co-exist. Is someone says it can, then one or the other is not happening. Either Islam is not being practiced faithfully, or there is no freedom. In the case of the Arab spring, Islam is being practiced faithfully.

Then Barry backpedaled. Remember Susan Rice doing the circuit and ensuring us that an obscure film sparked spontaneous protests that ultimately ended in the demise of Chris Stevens? The protesters just happened to be walking around with RPG’s and automatic weapons? Yes, it was so ridiculous that the regime later changed their story. Or did they?

And that is what we saw play out in the last two weeks, where a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. Now, I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. It is an insult not only to Muslims, but to America as well.

He’s back to the crazy video story! Obama stands in front of the world and once again apologizes for something that had nothing to do with what happened on September 11.

In all fairness though, Barry did defend free speech. Of course, he used himself as an example of someone big enough to absorb the hate speech coming his way. There’s that pattern again. Always about Barry.

Then is was tough Obama time. America will never retreat and we’ll bring thugs to justice and we’ll stand with our allies…Just who are our allies Barry? He only mentioned Israel once. A state side by side with the Hamas and Fatah led Palestinians. Nice.

Later he made an odd statement. I don’t know if it was just bad grammar or…you just can’t tell with Obama.

These men, women and children of every race and every faith remind me that for every angry mob that gets shown on television, there are billions around the world who share similar hopes and dreams. They tell us that there is a common heartbeat to humanity.

Billions want to form angry mobs? You just can’t tell.

After some self congratulatory spread the wealth platitudes to himself, the BS eventually came to an end. Some might say I took more from his words than were actually there. Did I? I wrote this in the context of Obama’s past actions, not solely on the words in this speech. Of course, anybody with two brain cells to rub together could probably deduce that. Or could they? Howard Stern sent his crew out-like in 2008 to interview Obama supporters. You have to hear it to believe it. Maybe you do need more than two brain cells to digest this.

12 comments to Obama Places Islam on a Pedestal

  • Your analysis of Barry’s message is spot on. More apologies and more it’s about me. I saw the Howard Dtern interviews. Scary that people that stupid are allowed to vote.

  • barbintheboonies

    What`s Romney`s agenda Oh ya it`s a secret to be let out after he is elected. I guess you can afford to give up your mortgage deduction or your donation deduction while he gets away with sending his money over seas, He killed more businesses than he saved that is his business experience. He only has one note Jack and we know he is tone deaf.

    • Do a little research and find out how much of your money Obama is ‘sending overseas.’ It will knock you off your chair. Ask businesses how they won’t hire or have to shut down operations because of strangling regulations and not knowing how they’re going to get hit with taxes. On the other hand, you’ve obviously mistaken me for a Republican. If you expect me to defend Mitt Romney, you’ve come to the wrong place. Romney isn’t the president, Obama is. Not sure what any of this has to do with this post though.

  • Barack Obama doesn’t see America as a country that is better than any other and so he had to put us all on the same level by stating freedom is a UN value as well as an American value. Once again he blamed an American for this attack and I find it deplorable, only this time he did it on the world stage and that makes it even worse.

    • I was going to say ‘where’s the outrage?’ Then I realized, the outrage is there, but our stellar mainstrem media just won’t report it.

    • The guy is detached from reality. those are the voters Obama depends on. Grossly misinformed. Makes your blogging that much more important, doesn’t it?

      • Yes rjjrdq. Most of my older friends use email, so this is icing on their cake. Blogging for is a diary of a nightmare. We can’t forget how these people are taking our country to the toilet. It must be documented.

  • Clueless… Hint, much of the world does not share our values. They find our culture repugnant. But he already knows this, our Indonesian president, or Kenyan, or whatever….

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