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Obama Regime Awash in Corruption

Is anyone surprised? We have Benghazi, Fast and Furious, an out of control criminal, racist Justice Department, Homeland security that, when they aren’t putting out the welcome mat at the border are trading those mats for prayer rugs, the attack dogs at the EPA, Obamacare that is crashing even before full implementation, chronic unemployment that is bloating public assistance rolls, disastrous foreign policy and the list goes on. Now we find that yet another department of the government is for the Obama regime, not the American people.

The IRS, never the most popular agency as it was has admitted that is has been targeting conservative groups attempting to gain 501(c) tax exempt status. The agency made the process so onerous, so intrusive, that many groups just gave up, or for the ones that didn’t, are still waiting for an answer.

Words such as patriot, or tea party triggered an alert that subjected the groups to unwarranted scrutiny. IRS officials are admitting that this was occurring, even as Barack Obama is wondering if this is true. The IRS has admitted it Barry. What they didn’t admit was who was involved. They claim that it was low level employees gone rogue. However, the coming IG’s report will show that top officials at the agency were well aware of what was occurring since at least 2011. Are we to believe that Obama was completely unaware of this? Once again, Obama thinks he’s so smart by playing dumb. Well, come to think of it, that tactic has worked for him so far.

Now we have another bombshell dropped today. I was listening to the great one, Mark Levin on the way home, and apparently, Eric Holder’s Justice Department has been tapping the phones of AP reporters, gathering phone records, calls and who knows what else. The AP is 100 percent in the tank for Obama, but as Levin said, and has said before, it’s only a matter of time before they come for you. That time is now. How will the AP react to the fact their socialist god has put a knife in their back? That sideshow should be interesting, but there is something bigger here. Freedom of the press is under attack. We know what kind of havoc the Justice Department can wreak on organizations, states, and even individuals. If the regime will go after their friends, imagine what their enemies, perceived or otherwise are up against. Tea Party groups can probably give you a good idea.

Again, this should be no surprise. We know what the Obama regime and the left in general is capable of. The big surprise would be the Republicans actually getting to the bottom of all these issues and rolling heads. They have been utterly incapable of stopping or holding accountable anybody in the regime. There should be a conga line of Obama goons in prison by now, but instead, this fraud riddled anti-American cabal was “reelected.” Even that has question marks.

Maybe that’s it. There is just so much corruption, so much chicanery, so much deception that there is just no way to get all of it. It’s that big. Then again, it may be incompetence on the part of the old guard Republicans that have more than worn out their welcome.

It is up to us to kick our representatives in the ass and make them work for the American people. Keep in mind they are not inclined to do so on their own. Jack Abramoff would tell you. Let’s remind them that their only function is to take care of this kind of business.

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