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Obama Regime Doubles Down on Foreign Policy Failure

If indeed some poor quality internet film caused massive protest and riots across the Muslim world, then woe to us all if a Muslim reads this blog. Although I haven’t raked Mohammed across the coals like this film apparently did, I’ve had plenty to say about Islam in general. As far as I know, nothing I’ve written has enraged the Islamic faithful. Then again, the film in question has been out there for months, but not until September 11 did the Muslim world decide to be outraged. If you believe the Obama regime, it’s just pure coincidence.

You would think that the Obama regime would be in damage control, trying to walk back the boneheaded statements from both Barry and Hillary that an obsure home made film sparked riots across the Middle East and resulted in the death of an American ambassador and members of his staff. On the contrary, the regime trotted out U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to do the media circuit and reiterate that it was the film, and not a premeditated attack that caused the events beginning September 11. Libyan President Mohamed Yousef El-Magariaf obviously has a different spin on this, but in this case, he is at least partially correct. He says it was planned, it was premeditated, but his scenario presumes the perpetrators in Libya were foreigners and not the Libyan people. Well, somebody gave up the safe house, and you can be reasonably assured it wasn’t some foreigner that had been in the country only a short time.

Rice’s version has an initially peaceful protest hijacked by extremist forces and it “evolved” from there. She also said there was substantial security at the Benghazi facility, although as far as I know, the attackers were unimpeded at both the consulate and the safe house. Rice admitted that there were no Marines at the consulate, so it wasn’t clear what kind of security she was referring to.

Not only has Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East been an unmitigated disaster, but their actions appear to either incredible naivete’, or culpability in leaving essentially American soil unprotected in one of the most volatile regions of the world. Barack Obama has battered foreign policy, battered the economy, battered the border, battered the Constitution, battered race relations, battered the integrity of the voting system in this country, battered the Supreme Court, and has even battered the office of the President itself. All conjecture aside, the fact that his father was a British subject makes Obama’s birth governed by the British Nationality Act of 1948, therefore not natural born. Ironically, Obama even concedes this but remains unopposed by those that could actually do something about it.

The worst part of all is this guy is winning. With less than two months before the presidential election, Obama holds a lead over Romney, despite a job performance that would have gotten any one of us fired. To compound the matter, a Romney presidency would only be somewhat of a respite from the leftist ideology that is at work 24/7 in this country. Judges, schools, city and state governments are churning out the next generation of Obama’s and the Repubs don’t have an answer for it. If this year’s pick of the litter is any indicator, the Republicans have no answer.

13 comments to Obama Regime Doubles Down on Foreign Policy Failure

  • The Obama regime’s excuse about this being about a movie is laughable and yet they keep repeating the lie hoping people will believe it, and naturally the media just plays along. Magariaf’s story is closer to the truth although I too question the assertion that it was foreigners in his country who did this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew about the attack beforehand and said nothing.

    • I see the media has floated a few more stories suggesting that not only was this “spontaneous,” but that there were good samaritans mixed in that tried to save ambassador Stevens. Apparently these folks were ignored by the thugs with the RPG’s.

  • “Not only has Obama‚Äôs foreign policy in the Middle East been an unmitigated disaster…”

    True from our point of view, but maybe not from his point of view. It seems that his goal from the beginning has been to weaken America and to support the advancement of the Muslim culture. He loves the Muslim culture and hates ours.

  • barbintheboonies

    Although I feel Muslims are overly sensitive to their religion and react crazy. they are not much different to those who scream about wanting to shove Christianity down non believer`s throats If a Muslim had portrayed Jesus as a child molester or in an unflattering light there would be outrage too. I am sure many Muslims places of worship would be a target. I am most concerned of our troops abroad that are put in harms way even more so by a few irresponsible idiots. Obama needs to be diplomatic as he has an obligation to our troops and our country men and women. I wish you would think about this as we are Americans and we need to pull together.

    • Interesting take, however, the Muslims view Jesus as a prophet-however not the son of God. They wouldn’t make such comments about Jesus. And to suggest Christians would react the same way as the Muslims have doesn’t hold water either. God was booed and jeered at the Democratic convention. I didn’t see any riots.

  • barbintheboonies

    I never said the reaction would be the same, but it would bring rage to some and put others in danger. We have the right to free speech and that is a very great right, but with this great right we should expect consequences. We have laws that prohibit yelling fire in a crowded theater for a reason. As I said above my main concern is for our people. My son served in the military and I have friends whose kids are still there and I do not want anything that could make things worse for them. I myself have written off religion, I have my own belief, that is private between me and God. I respect others who are from all faiths who respect others who live and let live. I still say Merry Christmas and have no problem with any religious programs that are to bring joy to all. I do not want anyone to come to our great country and push their beliefs on me and I do not want them to stop me from enjoying the things I grew up with, like Christmas programs. If it offends then they do not have to attend. So I am not some crazy liberal nor am I some crazy conservative I would like to see something in the middle.

    • rjjrdq

      You mentioned Christians that wanted to shove religion down peoples throat and that they weren’t much different than Muslims. You said there would be outrage. You said Muslims would be targeted. Did I take that the wrong way?

      Also, you sound as if you believe that video (which I haven’t seen yet) somehow caused the events of last week. You don’t actually believe that do you?

  • Romney best get going on the offense if he wants to win this. This is getting worrisome,

    • rjjrdq

      I think that video released today will help him. Yes, help him. He needs to go in that direction the rest of the campaign.

  • barbintheboonies

    It seems you will always accept anything someone does to incite violence even if it hurts American soldiers and diplomats. I myself have not seen the video either and do not wish to. I know the people that are rioting are wrong to take this out on all Americans but they are extremist and they want any excuse to riot. I would like to see all Americans out of these countries and I would not care what they do among themselves. I`ll bet if you had a kid there you would feel the same way.

    • rjjrdq

      Always? Glad you’ve stopped by often enough to make that assessment.

      • barbintheboonies

        I said it seems but it does not matter, what do you say now that the President came out and said he hated this film and other things that insult others but he defends their right to free speech?

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