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Obama Regime Ramping Up Ammo Sales

While Barack Obama stands among heavily armed body guards and makes the case why you don’t need anywhere near that kind of protection, the government has been quietly stockpiling bullets. Why they are purchasing so many bullets is anyone’s guess, but we can speculate based on past comments. Based on past comments, it’s going to get ugly.

Barack Obama has exploited everyone from children to victims of shooting tragedies in an attempt to draw support for his gun control initiatives. Law abiding American citizens would be subject to government background checks and a severe limitation as to how much ammo a gun clip can carry. At the same time, various government agencies are ramping up bullet purchases, including lethal hollow point bullets for use domestically. The fact that drones are being readied to fly over every American city at the same time could just be coincidence…

It seems a little odd that the Social Security Administration would need 174,000 rounds of ammunition, but according to them, their agents that investigate social security fraud need the ammo. They should have no problem taking out a senior with those hollow points. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) apparently needs some bullets of their own. They’ve ordered thousands of rounds, according to them for their fish and wildlife agents. Bullets that would be illegal under the Geneva Convention in a time of war are apparently necessary to take down a rogue fisherman.

Those agencies are engaging in small time bullet purchases though. The Department of Homeland Security wants 1.6 billion rounds, most they say for training. The timing of all this is suspect. The government is ramping up ammo purchases while attempting to limit the same of law abiding American citizens. As I said, we can only speculate, and that’s what I’ll do here.

If you remember, Obama said in 2008 that we need a civilian security force that rivaled our military.

We will enlist our veterans to find jobs and support for other vets, and to be there for our military families. And we’re going to grow our Foreign Service, open consulates that have been shuttered and double the size of the Peace Corps by 2011 to renew our diplomacy. We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.

We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

At the time, those that had reservations over Obama’s comments were pilloried for taking his comments out of context, being paranoid and…racist. We now see a civilian security force building up an arsenal.

I’ve talked many times about the new America, and what the artificially manufactured demographic change will do to this country. Well, amnesty talk is at the top of the news now, and both Democrats and Republicans seem eager to pass something, anything that will show that it is they who pander the hardest. What would amnesty mean today? If you take the numbers Bear Stearns came up with several years ago, 20 million illegal aliens and their families would be piled into the United States, not over decades, but likely within a year-or less. We’re talking about the equivalent of a moderately large country-mostly third world dumped on the United States. Formerly illegal aliens would flood into every nook and cranny of the United States and you will be expected to bankroll all of it.

I’ve seen neighborhoods that no longer belong to the United States. With amnesty those neighborhoods will become more prevalent, and as Americans are pushed out of what was once their country, there will be some bad blood. There will likely be violence as those that see their country falling into chaos choose to fight. There will be those that come and join forces with groups like the reconquista movement and claim this land as their own. It’s going to get ugly and the government is preparing for such a scenario.

You can believe the government’s explanation as to why they need that many bullets for domestic use, or you can look at the facts as they stare us in the face. Crime would skyrocket with amnesty. Our federal prisons are nearly a third illegal aliens now. Quadruple the numbers and see what would happen. The economy won’t be able to take on that many impoverished folks either. Poverty will skyrocket. Many Americans won’t take this lying down. That’s where the hollow points come in. This will be the new America, and the government is preparing for it. For Obama and his ilk, the birth pangs of a new era, for the rest of America, the death of a golden one.

6 comments to Obama Regime Ramping Up Ammo Sales

  • The Left has slowly (100 years) caried America beyond the point-of-no-return. Now they are accelerating the process.Those who will live well in the future will be part of the corporate/government partnerships.

  • persistence pays off. In this case though, they persisted in destroying the gold standard of governance.

  • The government is preparing for something big, I have no doubt about it and I don’t trust them, but these ammo and gun purchases also serve to create a shortage of ammo and weapons in effect stopping the average American from purchasing said ammo and weapons. They are also buying this ammo to keep it out of the hands of the American people.

    • rjjrdq

      I mentioned the drones as well. They’re definitely preparing for something. Whether it’s social unrest or an implementation of their agenda remains to be seen.

  • Soon the EPA will ban lead in ammo. Mark my words.That is after they have bought all they can get their hands on.

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