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Obama Revels in Ramadan Feast

No doubt this is Barack Obama’s favorite time of year. This is where he can be openly Muslim and the American people will be none the wiser. From lauding the call to prayer as the prettiest sound he’s ever heard to granting visas to Muslim extremists, none of that can compare to the opportunity for Obama to be himself.

Literally hours after Barack Obama chastised Republicans for focusing on phony scandals, he paid homage to those who killed four Americans during one of those scandals. Not in name, but in spirit. Egypt is in flux since the deposition of Obama’s boy Morsi. Obama was pretty happy with the Muslim Brotherhood, but now has decided to stay out of it while the military hashes things out. Syria is still a bloodbath, no doubt about to get worse with the news that Obama has decided to arm the al-Qaeda linked rebels. Remember the guy who cut out a foes heart and took a bite? Yeah, Obama wants to get American weaponry to him pronto. Iraq is still a mess with daily bombings and the recent revelation that a jailbreak at Abu Graib allowed 200 prisoners to escape. Expect that crowd to be looking for some payback. Saudi Arabia still despises women, allows forced child marriages and funds anti-American medrasas all over the United States. Female circumcision is still routine in the Middle East. Then we have CAIR on the homefront, perverting our legal system and still managing to stay out of jail. That should continue under this regime.

Obama decided to host an iftar, or the break from the daily fast during Ramadan and celebrate the diversity of religion from the White House. Of course, we all know that Islam does not tolerate diversity of any kind, but you wouldn’t know it by the way Barry was gushing. Can’t afford tours of the White House, but they somehow scraped up enough cash for this.

Deviating from reality as Obama has a tendency to do, he also said that Americans and people in the Middle East have a common goal for economic opportunity and entrepreneurship. You’d never know it by the kind of scum that assumed power via the Arab spring. Those folks wanted dictators, those folks wanted radical Islam, and that’s just what they got. Keep in mind, even in Egypt, the people initially voted the Muslim Brotherhood into office. The military just stepped in and threw them out. There is no commonality between Americans and those in the Middle East. If Obama gets his way though, there will be significant commonality, Allah willing.

Well, why not, the war on terror is over…the mission in Iraq is complete…and now we can focus on unicorns and Korans in a melting pot of tolerant Americans and hyper-intolerant Muslim fundamentalists. Obama is living up to his reputation as embarrassment-in-chief.

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