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Obama Surrenders to Cuba

When you hear the meme that racism is alive and well in America, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Incorrect. The hate is coming from those that are protesting the loudest. But flapping their jaws isn’t enough. They’re taking action, delivering the United States into a third world oblivion.

Just days after Barack Obama implemented his next phase of handing the United States over to Mexico in the form of executive amnesty, the fraud in chief has abused his powers again, this time handing the keys to the kingdom over to Cuba. Using a prisoner swap as a facade, Obama made his pitch to normalize relations with the murderous police state. Now when I say pitch, that means Obama running roughshod over anything resembling the rule of law. Easing the embargo, easing travel restrictions, and even re-establishing an embassy in Havana are all on Barry’s wish list. Obama found out after his latest amnesty decree that he had no opposition on the Republican side. He likely figures-and likely so, that there will be a tepid response to this brazen act as well.

The flood gates to Mexico have been open for some time, but now Obama is herding in a nation’s worth of illegal aliens to supplant the American citizen. He is now looking to open those same gates to Cuba.

Is that just rhetoric? Is that too harsh? Is that just the proof those race protesters with the pre-printed banners are talking about? Well, why don’t you ask Britain. The same kind of plan was implemented there, and it was not out of benevolence. It was to alter the population demographics. As a result, Britain has their own unique immigration problem that hopefully won’t make its way here-Allah willing.

Not enough proof? You saw those crazy statements by Barry and Michelle today. They claim to have been dissed by anonymous whiteys thinking they were “the help.” Obama claimed some guy walked up him on the street one day and gave him some car keys? A gift? No, that racist thought Barry was a valet. And according to Barry, all black professionals have experienced the same thing. Yes, all of them. Or how about Michelle shopping at Target…Michelle shopping at Target and a short woman asking if Mich could grab some detergent off the top shelf for her. The nerve. The Racism. It was one of the best do you know who I am? stories she ever told. And it was all whitey. Killer cops? Whitey. Always whitey. Well, Barry has the cure to what ails the downtrodden minority.

Now Obama is looking to funnel milllions more non-citizens into the U.S. via Cuba. You thought this was a separate issue from the latest race dust up in this country? I’ve said before that the American citizen is being replaced. I’ve documented my proof. If anybody can dispute it, by all means please do. Please tell me how this isn’t happening. And for all you who think this is just a peachy idea, please tell me how the demise of the U.S. benefits anybody you advocate for.

It’s much easier to destroy than to create. If the ideology of Barack Obama doesn’t drive that point home I don’t know what does.

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