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Obama, The Bungler In Chief Or Worse?

The polls indicate that Barack Obama is doing a very poor job as president. Even those that support him concede that Obama’s antics are not those of a leader. Is he disengaged? Incompetent? Both? Or maybe something more akin to the theories floated early in his reign?

Shortly after the infamous I won crack that defined what Barack Obama’s presidency would become, a country already under water would start to drown. With both chambers of congress at his command he-or whoever is controlling him rammed through a stimulus program that literally flushed billions of borrowed dollars down a Chinese toilet. Then came Obamacare, a disaster so bad that a simple website ended up costing hundreds of millions of dollars, a pittance though to what it will cost the average American. Then came amnesty. Wait a minute, that never happened, even in a congress where Republicans could stop nothing the dems wanted to pass. Why did they not address immigration?

While the big ticket headlines blared across the media, the Obama regime was busy stocking the government with the most extreme, left wing kooks that 1960’s hallucinogens could manufacture. Eric Holder runs the Justice Department which is so corrupt that it sells guns to drug cartels. It strongarms agencies and schools across the country to dumb down their standards to ostensibly allow minorities to compete with whitey. Their philosophy, not mine. There is the EPA, who illegally legislates guidelines so onerous, so restrictive that mom and pop can’t even get in the game. Do you oppose any of this? Enter Lois Lerner, who sicked the IRS on anybody they thought was opposed to the fundamental transformation of America.

To compound this bungling agenda, were the mistakes. Yes, mistakes on top of the original mistakes. Those guns that Eric Holder sold to his cartel buddies have killed at least two border agents and untold numbers of Mexican-and American citizens. We still don’t know where the guns are. We did know where the guns in Benghazi were though, and the Obama regime did nothing while they blazed. How was that round of golf, Barry?

You get the picture, and if you don’t Obama has a pen and a phone and will paint one for you. But there is still that nagging question: Why no action on immigration? Obama illegally granted defacto amnesty to millions, all the while the attacking any states that dared to try and enforce immigration law. But why? Amnesty was in his hands up until 2010. The border crisis that has been manufactured should explain everything. Thousands of children fleeing poverty and gang violence in their home countries for a chance at a better life in America. At least that is the meme being dumped on the American people. It turns out that this surprise surge was no surprise at all. The Obama regime knew this was coming. How did they know that? The fact is that poverty and violence in the countries these kids are coming from has not changed. It was bad before, and it’s bad now. But what is prompting mama and papi to send their kids into the hands of human smugglers in order to reach the United States. Easy. Obama amnesty. They know that once they get here Obama will let them stay. That is coming from the ones that actually made it. The ones that didn’t make it don’t even get a mention on the news. Use your imagination. I’m sure those smugglers did.

That still doesn’t answer why Obama didn’t sign an amnesty bill when he had a chance. Now we see a borderless America where even children can walk in. How many adults slipped by in the process? All of them potential amnesty recipients and all potential Democrat voters. Remember, all the dems have to do is flip Texas and they will have the White House for good. Most people don’t think past next week, but those with an agenda think years in advance. I think that’s what it going on here.

Is Obama incompetent? Probably. I doubt he’s the shot caller though. Not for the agenda. He may give day to day orders, but the overall plan is probably years in the making by folks with alot more skin in the game. It’s the Cloward-Piven crowd, destroying the system in order to rebuild it in their own graven image. Can anybody dispute that? I made my case.

4 comments to Obama, The Bungler In Chief Or Worse?

  • Texas is what this is all about, the Dems dream about flipping Texas and when they do the Republicans will never win another election. You nailed it!

    • Unless…there is a change in philosophy from those traditionally Democrat voters. Easier to try and hang on to Texas I think.

  • To think that a pen would become so dangerous…who would have thought?

    He is not the brains behind this, of that I am convinced. His payoff is free vacays, lots of golf time and basic slacking while the country burns.

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