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Obama Threatens to Rewrite Immigration Law

It’s not easy to document the decline of the United States, and as a result, posts have been few and far between. But if there is any chance to preserve what is left of this country, then it is certainly worth the effort. The question is, how much is there left to save?

Speaking as if there were no immigration laws at all, Barack Obama stood in the Rose Garden at the white House and announced his intention to continue ruling as if he were king. While the concoted border crisis rages out of control on the Southern Border, Obama has decided that he will use executive action to essentially create his own immigration system. What he wants is for congress to pass the senate’s amnesty bill, a piece of legislation so bad that is knocked Marco Rubio out of presidential contention.

“America cannot wait forever for them to act,” Obama said. He said he’s launching a new effort to “fix as much of our immigration system as I can, on my own, without Congress.”

This comes literally hours after the supreme Court rebuked him for using executive powers not entitled to him to appoint cronies to the Labor Board while the senate was in recess. John Boehner, as impotent as he is, has threatened to sue Obama for abusing those same executive powers. Obama is powering ahead with executive amnesty anyway, on top of the illegal acts he’s already committed. If there were ever grounds for impeachment, then Obama has blazed the trail. With a weak-very weak Republican opposition though he has no fear of consequences.

What is Obama’s response to the backlash of his intention to decree new immigration laws on the land, sans congress? So sue me, he says, laughing in the face of not only John Boehner, but all of America.

No border security, diseased children being turned loose on American streets and Obama making and tweaking laws as he sees fit. And does America have any say in this? No, and if open borders continues the point will be moot anyway. There won’t be enough Americans to make a stand even if there were enough who cared to. Another point. How many Americans do not care? You can see the problem with the activists and the nut jobs that follow the leader. But what of the people that are more focused on Facebook and medical marijuana than the fate of the country? You can steamroll those folks faster than a Republican house.

When Obama rabidly attacked states that tried to preserve themselves in the face of waves of illegal aliens, it looked like the worst of worst. When he decreed amnesty for the illegal aliens already in the country, it almost defied belief. Now he has thrown the borders wide open and anybody-and I mean anybody is welcome. A country cannot exist without secure borders. We do not have a Southern border at all.

4 comments to Obama Threatens to Rewrite Immigration Law

  • Obama is now daring people to try to stop him. He is trying to push the people to the limit in the hope of getting a violent response. He grows more belligerent by the day!

    • rjjrdq

      Republicans have the checkbook yet Obama laughs in their face. How can they not be in on this?

  • This asshat was offered a kingdom and he really does believe that he rules it all. Rj, we have never had a southern border that was secure. Now, it is a free for all. You should see the busloads arriving daily to to the Border Patrol facility. Just look at the map and how they are all being cut loose.

    Add the Catholic Church aiding and facilitating this influx as a sanctuary and we have mass crap. IMHO, everyone of these buses should be dropped off at the White House…disease and all.

    • Without borders, there is no nation. Obama knows this. Opening our borders to a flood of illegal immigrants is deliberate. This is his fundamental transformation of America. It’s the only promise he has kept.

      Sarah Palin

      She nails it.

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