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Obamacare Rollout Even Worse Than Imagined

If you thought the Obamacare website was a joke, stop laughing. If you thought that you were safe because your employer provided healthcare options to you and you didn’t have to deal with the site, guess again. If you think that this thing stinks as badly as every other Obama regime scandal with every layer that is peeled back-you’re absolutely right.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee called in a few of the contractors responsible for rollout of, also known as the failed Obamacare website. This included Senior VP of CGI Federal Cheryl Campbell, group executive vice president for Optum/QSSI Andrew Slavitt, corporate counsel for Equifax Workforce Solutions Lynn Spellecy, and program director for Serco John Lau. All of them deflected blame from themselves, sometimes blaming each other, and sometimes blaming CMS, an arm of Health and Human Services, responsible for this rollout. Other than the theatrics of various Democrats, one of the main shockers (and there were many), was that not only was the site not secure, but the government had taken it upon itself to break its own laws. While Rep. Joe Barton was questioning Campbell, he referenced some of the website code, hidden from consumers, but purposely put there nonetheless.

‘You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system,’ the text reads.
‘At any time, and for any lawful Government purpose, the government may monitor, intercept, and search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system. Any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system may be disclosed or used for any lawful Government purpose.’

The first part of that statement is against the law, and the second part is not only against the law, it just isn’t true. Well, until now.

Barton grilled Campbell, asking her if she realized she was violating the Health Information Privacy and Portability act (HIPAA), and she responded that CMS was to blame for the hidden code, although she acknowledged that she knew it was there. Democrats were apoplectic, denying the code didn’t violate anything because no health information was being sought on the Obamcare site. But Health and Human Services themselves have a different take.

HIPPA, passed in 1996, forbids doctors, hospitals, health care clearinghouses and health insurers – and their ‘business associates’ – from disclosing ‘individually identifiable health information’ related to anyone’s medical records.
Information covered under the law, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, ‘includes many common identifiers (e.g., name, address, birth date, Social Security Number).’

Exactly what the website demands. Like an Elijah Cummings nightmare Democrats spend their time attacking Republicans for even inquiring about the website defects, with Frank Pallone coming dangerously close to mental breakdown. See the C-Span vid for entertainment purposes. It’s funny-but it’s not. These people vote for laws-and rules-and regulations that filter down right into our homes. Not that funny.

You thought that was the worst of it? Campbell admitted that new code was being written-in addition to the hundreds of thousands-or millions of lines already written in an effort to stem the bleeding from the Obamacare site. The problem with that-which was brought up in the hearing is that with every line of new code comes vulnerabilities that open to site up to hacking. As if the site wasn’t fragile enough, new, untested code is being added and Americans will need to submit their personal information there or risk a fine-or jail. Keep in mind that the employer mandate is only delayed. Once that kicks in the rest of us board the Titanic. This system also ties into seven other government databases, so in effect, we’re already on board.

A law that has the government reaching into one pocket and identity thieves into the other. Instead of acknowledging that the site has enormous problems and we need to go back to square one, the Democrats on this committee doubled down and are pushing this thing at all costs. That’s the problem, the cost. Too expensive, too dangerous, and it isn’t going to work. Why now? Why right now, it has to be right now? There must be a reason for that, but I haven’t seen it yet. I will be speculating though, and unfortunately, my speculation usually turns out to be accurate.

6 comments to Obamacare Rollout Even Worse Than Imagined

  • Great roundup of the event. I watched the whole thing, too bad there are only a few techie minded members who could drill down with questions. There was one point missed. The company who is only doing paper applications got two hundred million. Almost as much as the website. Where is all that money going to?

  • The regime can claim they will fix the problems but the truth is that this is as good as it is going to get–it is all downhill from here.

  • Trust the government to do exactly the opposite of what is good. Everyday, I wake up and it just keeps getting worse and worse. O’Bummer and his ilk will not rest until they have taken us back to serfdom. Socialism NEVER worked. Social justice is a load of poop. No one can mandate what must come from the heart of the individual. This emphasis on the government wiping our arses because they know when and how to do it better is beyond disgusting.

  • rjjrdq

    These people think they are putting pieces of this grand plan in place, thinking it will take years-even decades to “transform” the society. Many go to their graves never seeing the havoc they wrought. Nirvana will always be a little further down the road with these people and of course, we’ll never get there.

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