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Obamacare Site Putting All Americans At Risk

They can’t be that stupid, can they? Their agenda may be ridiculous, their philosophy a proven failure, but surely they must have what can be described as book smart. If that is the case, Then the debacle that is the Obamacare website is even more sinister than it appears.

FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace had a guest on this weekend that told a tale that should have every America concerned, whether they’ve signed up for insurance on the Obamacare website or not. David Kenney, CEO of Trustedsec, a cyber security firm had some deeply disturbing news on the security of not only the Obamacare website, but also the agencies that the site is connected to, namely the IRS, and Homeland Security. If a hacker could get into the Obamacare mess, then they potentially have access to the other two systems, and that would cover all of us.

According to Kennedy, in an effort to get the collapsing website online, the Obama regime had a few hundred developers work on it, writing code, and doing what they had to do to make it at least semi-functional. What they did not do, according to Kennedy, was to embed security as they went. As a result, the website is even less secure now than it was in October.

Kennedy talked about a technique his company used called passover reconnaissance where they were able to extract information from the Obamacare website without actually having to hack into it. You saw that right. And Kennedy says it was fairly easy to do. He was able to pull 70,000 names in matter of minutes. Imagine a malicious attacker that wanted to really do damage.

But the Obama regime wants us to believe the site is secure. They trotted out their site security expert (check out that piece of work on the video), and she swears up and down that the site it secure. Kennedy dismantled her argument. The “site security expert” merely read a prepared statement in front of congress. And as for the regime’s contention that there have been no successful attacks on the site? Kennedy says that since there is no security infrastructure, that they wouldn’t even know if the site had been hacked.

Check out the video. Disturbing stuff. And if you don’t have some kind of identity protection service, you might want to look into it. They caught a couple of Mexican nationals crossing the border with 96 credit cards that may be linked to the Target ripoff. That was just two people. That was just target. How much information has already been pilfered from the Obamacare site? And they have no plans to do anything about it. On the contrary, they say the site is secure. I ask again, can they be that stupid? Not that stupid.

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