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Obamacare Will Crush the Working Poor

I was going to call this article Working Poor Blindsided by Obamacare, but that wouldn’t have been accurate. This is something that was known for the last few years, but all it took was for John Roberts to be off his meds for one day and the economy literally will fall apart as a result. So far, not a peep from the drones that voted Barack Obama, and his Obamacare mandate into office-twice. Of course, he’ll always have that government assistance crowd in his corner, but for the working poor that cast a vote for him, he has a thank you they may never forget.

As the nightmare of full implementation of Obamacare approaches, critics on all sides of the issue are coming together to give it it’s due. Just days after Ohio announced that healthcare costs will skyrocket under the scheme, the consensus is that costs will be so high that even employer subsidized plans will be out of reach for the working poor. If even Andy skull crusher Stern thinks it’s flawed, then there are huge issues.

Of course, Stern thinks that it’s an avoidance issue with business. The “flaw” is that businesses can weasel out of Obamacare. Well, the ones that haven’t already gotten waivers. That includes unions. Basically, companies with more than 50 employees are required to offer affordable healthcare plans to their employees. What affordable means in Obama parlance is no more than 9.5 percent of your income. As the linked article indicates, for someone making 20k a year, that’s $2000 in potential heathcare costs. That is even before taxes hit. Sure most of those taxes will come back to those in that wage range, but in the meantime that won’t prevent taxes from being deducted for the entire year.

The White House argues that companies will do the right thing for their employees and offer affordable coverage. After all boasts White House Senior Communications Advisor Tara McGuiness, healthcare costs are tax deductible for employers. What wasn’t mentioned is whether all healthcare costs are deductible, or just a portion.

Let’s say for argument that all healthcare costs are tax deductible. The employer is in the same position as the employee as far as taxes go. They must pay for that healthcare plan first, and then deduct later. Keep in mind these must be government approved plans. For a small company this may not be an option. As a result argue critics, they may offer plans that are out of reach for lower wage workers, with the effect of discouraging them from taking part. This leaves the low wage worker in the position of finding private insurance somewhere else, paying the penalty and not having insurance at all, or doing neither and risk the IRS coming down on them. No doubt many will choose the last option, and a new breed of criminal will have been created.

What it comes down to is that Obamacare will the be the most expensive for those that can afford it the least. They make too much to take advantage of the temporary…subsidies, but not enough to fork over nearly 10 percent of their income on something they may never use.

They say leaders are just a reflection of the people they lead. If that is the case, voter irregularities aside, America as a people are in crisis. Goons like Obama are just the symptom. Many, many folks wanted him, and wanted him again. A toxic combination of ignorance and bliss and we will all suffer for it.

7 comments to Obamacare Will Crush the Working Poor

  • This is why the implementation was put off until 2014 of course, most Obama voters who are going to get hit by this still do not even know it is coming and damn are they in for a surprise. I just wish we all weren’t going to be punished for their stupidity.

    • It is punishment Steve. LIke you, I just don’t know what I did to deserve this crap? As for the bots, that is what they are. They are mindless. It is far easier to move through life as a non thinking follower. We’ll see what they think of the “Let them eat cake!” coming from the WH at tax time.

    • The frustrating thing is what you mentioned the other day Steve. This thing could have been defunded to the point where they couldn’t roll it out. Of course, we know that didn’t happen.

  • You mean ObamaCare isn’t free for the poor? I’m looking forwardto 2014. It is going to be fun watching the shock wave ripple through the Obamites. Too bad everyone else has to suffer along with them.

  • Not only did many of them vote for Obama and his “mandate” twice, they would probably do it again, if he could run for a third term. That shows just how blinded these people are and how much ignorance prevails in their thinking.

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