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Occupy Wall Street Welcomes CAIR

They call themselves the 99 percent. They would have us believe that this is what America is, this is the overwhelming majority, this is now, and this is the future. Unfortunately, they’re half right.

As the occupy Wall Street crowd continue to defile everything they touch, their supporters-and organizers are making themselves known. CPUSA, the communist party group that trolls the U.S. backs the protesters. Sure, the destruction of capitalism is right up their alley. The Nazi party is on board as well. Not sure what they see in that rainbow coalition, maybe the chaos of it all. We’ve seen the unions make their voice heard at the protests. Of course, they are skilled organizers and this opportunity has presented itself to them. The protests are littered with anti-Semites in almost every city. Ahhh, that would explain the Nazis. Several Democrats have thrown their support behind the pot smoking, public defecating urinators in hopes of gaining a few votes next November. Message to Dems: If you don’t have a hammer and sickle tatooted on your ass, those people aren’t likely to fall in lock step with you. Of course, we know that there are some Dems who do have that proverbial tattoo. In fact, the White House has endorsed the protests, maybe in solidarity with anti-capitalist, anti-Semite thugs, or maybe just to keep them away from the gates of the White House.

Well, add one more group to this insane clown circus. The reviled CAIR, a vehemently anti-American, Muslim Brotherhood spawned, government infiltrating, business suing, sharia law pushing scum has joined in the protests. Of course, they could care less about the stoned infidels trying to figure out what the hell they’re mad at. CAIR on the other hand has a single minded agenda: Global sharia law.

Friday at Zuccotti Park in New York, a park that was once inhabitable by humans, CAIR held prayer Friday, apparently an effort to recruit fertile minds, and to present radical Islam as somehow mainstream and part of the 99 percent. I’m sure they were welcomed with open arms.

These protests are being compared to tea party rallies by various mainstream media sources. Have you ever heard of any tea party rally being this filthy, this full of hate, this seemingly disorganized, this clueless (if you’ve heard any interviews from these people)? I remember Glenn Beck gathering a million people at the Washington Monument and they left the place clean as a whistle. The Zuccotti Park owners want to hose down their property because of unspeakable filth. The tea party rallies were about cutting spending, lower taxes, and keeping government intrusions like Obamacare out of their lives. There was no CPUSA, no Nazis, no CAIR prayer hour, and certainly no shitting in the streets. Yet the attempted comparison is being made.

99 percent? Where does that leave the tea party? Some part of the remaining one percent? It’s not 99 percent. I think it’s more like 40 to 50 percent. And that is bad enough. It doesn’t take everyone to enact change, and the organizers-and you know this isn’t spontaneous, know that. What they hope to accomplish is still a mystery though. The only disruptions they’ve made is in the lives of private citizens. Wall Street rolls on, and their partners in crime, the government is off the hook completely. Of course, if you want to tear down capitalism, somebody has to fill the void. Government? Well, the communists, the Nazis, the anti-semites, the hippies and the Muslims have their own ideas. Quite a coalition they’ve assembled.

10 comments to Occupy Wall Street Welcomes CAIR

  • Barb Hartwell

    All these people are not pot smoking hippies. they are from all walks of life. The thing that binds them together are they are fed up with our legislature, and how all of them are bought and paid for. They are fed up with our jobs being sent over seas, because the mega rich don`t think they should pay fair wages. They are fed up with speculators on wall street destroying our economy and getting away with it. They are fed up with banks that were baled out by us and now they want to kick us to the curb. They are fed up with increasing health care cost, that they can not afford. THEY ARE PLAIN FED UP PERIOD

    • They’re fed up with the legislature? I don’t see one protester in front of Nancy Pelosi’s office. None in front of the White House. Obama thought TARP was a great idea and implemented it with a vengeance. He even hired Timmy “Goldman Sachs” Geithner to run the treasury. He proceeded to bail out AIG-that just happened to owe a ton of money to Goldman. No protesters there either. Franklin Raines set Fannie Mae on fire. Barney Frank lambasted those that said something about it. Are you aware that banks are required to make a certain number of bad loans? You see the result of that. No protesters there either.
      And what is “fair?” Those 47% that pay no taxes at all? Is that fair? How much is enough? Give me a number. 50%? 60? 100%?

    • Greg

      If they are fed up whey don’t they go protest in Washintong DC where the laws and deals are made that allow our jobs to be outsourced…where the illegals are given blanket amnesty..they are allowed to stay here and take millions of jobs away from Americans..these protesters would be better citizens to demand the illegals go so they can go do those jobs…these people are clueless.

  • According to a post by Matt at Conservative Hideout, the OWS now has over $500,000 in their account and they have rented space near the park which is full of supplies, as they receive about 300 packages a day. This will be a long winter. I hope it is a hard and cold one.

    • I knew this ship was never rudderless. They have an “account” huh? Sounds to me like they’re doing all right despite Wall Street.

  • OWS has the approval of the ANP and the CPUSA so it seems a perfect fit that a fascist organization like CAIR would join them. While these three organizations have differing goals they are banding together to bring down the capitalist system, and with it America. Once America has fallen these three factions will battle it out for control over the nation, and it will be a bloody battle.

    • Exactly. Once they take down what they see as the common enemy, they’ll tear eachother apart for control of what’s left. You can imagine the results of that. There’s your class warfare right there.

  • This sure will put wind in Scott Brown’s sail, and the rest of the GOP as well. I hope all of the Dems who support this nonsense enjoy the ride.

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