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Pakistan Lobbies Washington With Taxpayer Dollars

While millions of Americans wonder if they have any representation at all, a plethora of special interest groups dole out millions of dollars to have their voices heard in Washington. Now we find that one special interest group takes taxpayer dollars and then uses those same dollars to paint a happy face on themselves for the benefit of those in Washington that would spoon feed them our money.

We have La Raza, we have the NAACP, we have Obama reaching out to various Muslim interests-heck, we even have black “farmers” in downtown Detroit, all with lobbyists who have their hand in the taxpayer till. You can add Pakistan to that group of loons who don’t deserve a dime.

Shortly after the raid that allegedly netted bin Laden, criticism of Pakistan was fast and furious. How could they not know he was right under their noses? Many in Washington think they did know, and want to reassess aid to Pakistan, which right now stands at $2 billion a year. Pakistan is now in damage control, and have unleashed their personal lobbyists, Locke Lord Strategies to try and sway negative opinion of them.

Locke Lord Strategies receives $75,000 a month from Pakistan taxpayers, and they are on Capital Hill as we speak trying to paint their client in a better light.

Since bin Laden’s death, Siegel says he has been on Capitol Hill every day to promote Pakistan’s position on the bin Laden killing, talking to congressmen, senators and their aides.

Every politician in Washington knows these guys are lobbyists. That means they know they’re full of crap. How could they conceivably be swayed by anything this firm says? They don’t have the intelligence info that the politicians have, do they? Or do they? What could this firm possibly say that would change the minds over funding Pakistan? In an ideal world, it shouldn’t matter. Lobbyists-in theory shouldn’t be able to sway our elected representatives. After all, they are supposed to be representing us, not the likes of Pakistan. Of course, this isn’t an ideal world, and apparently these guys do have some sway or Pakistan wouldn’t be shelling out the kind of money they are.

Keep in mind that it was Pakistan that gave enough info to North Korea for them to come up with nukes. They’ve been less than cooperative on many occasions in the search, not only for bin Laden, but Taliban elements that have taken safe refuge in Pakistan.

It will be interesting who steps up and starts to defend Pakistan. Anybody that does is likely under the spell of Locke Lord Strategies. Under the spell or under the checkbook. You decide.

2 comments to Pakistan Lobbies Washington With Taxpayer Dollars

  • We need to see the Congress debate the issue of Pakistani aid and we need to get everyone on record who still supports sending money to this country on record. There is no doubt that the Pakistani government knew where bin Laden was all along and hid him from us, this has to be met with strict actions.

  • I don’t know if they’re should be a complete cut off, but any aid should be performance based. Of course, it should have always been that way.

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