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Plot To Assassinate Joe Arpaio Foiled

When Barack Obama illegally decreed amnesty several weeks ago, the argument was that DHS could focus on the hardcore criminals and not expend valuable resources on the rank and file border crosser. One of the many problems with that line of thinking is that we would have to wait for an illegal alien to actually commit some kind of heinous crime before DHS would even take notice. Well, here’s a case of a guy who was planning on committing a heinous crime, but the plot was thwarted. Since the crime never occurred, does that let this guy off the DHS hook?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has the uneviable task of dealing with the lowest, most vile characters roaming this country. That includes the Justice Department, but in this case it is the prisoners housed in his country that are the origin of his latest headache. Although the article doesn’t specify, we can presume that it was illegal aliens involved in a plot to assassinate Joe.

Documented Mexican Mafia gangmembers Samuel Matta, Mark Cons and Rudolfo Santos are being implicated in a plot to kill Arpaio using a high powered rifle. Matta was incensed that illegal alien familiy members were deported back to Mexico, and he holds Arpaio responsible. Apparently this scheme did not come from the top tiers of the Mexican Mafia, and is probably a deciding factor as to why the plot was foiled. Matta was unable to raise the $1800 for his bail in time before a jailhouse informant told authorities of the plan.

You might wonder why the MM didn’t spring this guy themselves for the purpose of killing Arpaio. I have a theory. The Mexican Mafia doesn’t care about Joe Arpaio. The borders are wide open, and Barack Obama is doing more for them than Arpaio could ever neutralize. These were low level street soldiers with a personal vendetta. Besides, a Mexican drug gang assassination an American sheriff would bring down more heat than the gang would ever want… Even if it was Arpaio. I don’t think even Obama could sit back and do nothing, as much as he would like to. What these gangsters do outside of Mexican Mafia orders are their own business though and the MM would probably be correct in that assertion.

Here is some of the fallout from Obama’s amnesty. This Matta character actually qualifies for Obama’s DREAM amnesty, apparently not in jail for a felony (if the $1800 bond is any indicator), and he is under 30. Yeah, he’s one the guys that studies in our schools and plays in our playgrounds. Oh, he also kills people.

Mexican Mafia. I’m pretty sure this guy is a Mexican national, a member of a vicious gang, but amazingly was offered the opportunity to post bond. Even worse, this guy qualfies for amnesty. With SB 1070 just a memory, the Justice Department suing Arpaio and vicious gangmembers gunning for him to boot, Arizona appears to be fighting a losing battle. Arpaio is going out with his boots on, but at 80 years old, he is going out. This time though, an early exit was thwarted, but you can be sure there are more Samuel Matta’s looking to end Joe Arpaio. The only queston is who gets him first, father time, the Justice Department, or a Mexican drug gang.

6 comments to Plot To Assassinate Joe Arpaio Foiled

  • I wonder where they got that high powered rifle, from the United States government? You are right though, the DHS will probably do nothing with these guys because they didn’t actually pull off the violent crime. This is why we need stronger borders and yet here we are allowing these types of people to walk right in.

    • rjjrdq

      Well, I suppose we can ask Eric Holder where a criminal gang member got their hands on that type of weapon. We have to allow for the possibility.

  • I wonder how outrageous a crime must be committed by an illegal to be worth Napolitano’s time to do something. You are right that the MM would not want the heat from taking down a well known American law enforcement officer.

    • rjjrdq

      I’m wondering if Napolitano even considers a plot against sheriff Joe a crime at all. It wasn’t the feds that nabbed these guys.

  • Adrian Lamar

    Do your research, this is all a lie and did not happen. There was/is no plot to assassinate Joe Dumbass. Why? he is a nobody.

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