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Possible Vote Fraud Ignored by Republicans

There have been so many instances of voter fraud coming from the Democrat side of politics that is has almost become a joke-if it weren’t so serious. What is happening to this country as a result is far from funny. To no one’s surprise, the presidential election Nov. 6 appears to be riddled with fraud, just as the ACORNian election of 2008 was. The difference this time is that no fraud was necessary in 2008. They needed the fraud this time though, and on a massive scale. It looks like they got it.

The only way to describe the reaction to Obama’s win a few weeks ago was astonishment. From Romney’s pollsters to conservative pundits across the board, the trend seemed to be heading Romney’s way, and if voter enthusiasm was any indicator, Obama was in real trouble. We all know what happened though. Obama won, and did rather easily, as far as presidential elections go. All the states Romney had to win were lost. Even the ones that should have been in the bag went to Obama, such as Florida. What happened?

What happened indeed. Depending on what numbers you believe, anywhere from 6-16 million fewer voters showed up this time around compared to 2008. Yes, the opposition to Obamacare, the tea party revolt, the Republican enthusiasm that far outweighed anything the left had thrown together translated into millions of voters staying home election night. Even more strange is that virtually all those voters were white. What does that have to do with anything? Romney captured a percentage of the white vote that was so high that no candidate in history had ever lost with that kind of support. But Romney got canned because-the demographic that went overwhelmingly to him didn’t show up. Or did they?

I’ve talked before about voter fraud, and the evidence is publicly documented, from the shenanigans by ACORN to the fiasco with Doug Hoffman in NY-23 a few years ago. There’s no question voter fraud is occurring, the only question is what is the scale? At least 6 million votes missing, illegal aliens voting at least once, electronic voting machines easily hacked, and we are to believe that Obama ran away with this election because that’s what the people wanted. No doubt that’s what some of the people wanted and the numbers indicate they got what they want.

Just as troubling is the silence of the Republicans. Instead of contesting the odd numbers of this election, the party is already talking about pandering for the Latino vote and ignoring the fishy numbers that even a guy off the street like me can see looks funny. Of course, we’re talking about the same party that produced those loons in Missouri and Indiana and are allowing Allen West drown in Florida. Do you notice that he isn’t getting a helping hand at all in his quest to expose election fraud? Unless there is some news I don’t know about, Allen West is getting shafted and the Republicans are okay with that. Of course, they were okay with Doug Hoffman getting shafted as well. Yes, this is our alternative to Obama.

So what now? We have bad and worse to choose from. I’ve talked about the new America before, and this may just be transitional activities if you will, something Republicans and Democrats actually can get done together. Either that or Republicans as a party are just too inept, too lame, too gullible to take on the Alinskyan machine that so far is steamrolling them and the rest of the country. Unfortunately, there’s more to come.

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