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Public Enemy Number One Captured

With the assorted goons, thugs and maniacs trolling the streets of the United States, it might be a tough task deciding who is the worst of the lot. But despite all the seamy characters that could have taken the title, the worst of the worst comes from somewhere else. He’s not good folks, but he does want to work. Just ask Chicago.

In an early morning raid in the Mexican seaside town of Mazatlan, Sinaloa drug cartel kingpint Juan El Chapo Guzman was captured by Mexican marines without a struggle. While the arrest will do little to stem the drug flow into the United States, it will almost certainly spark a power struggle within the cartel that could lead to even more violence than there is already.

Guzman made a name for himself, building an empire that stretches around the world. In fact, he’s public enemy number one… in Chicago. You saw that right. A beneficiary of an open border and a recipient of fast and furious automatic weapons, Guzman earned the dubious distinction despite not physically being in the city. Not since Al Capone has anybody been labeled public enemy number one in Chitown, but Guzman pulled it off, and for good reason. 90 percent of the drugs flooding the streets of Chicago come from Guzman’s network. A bloody turf war has led to Chicago competing for the distinction of murder capital of the United States. Estimates are that Guzman has thousands of soldiers in the streets turning inner cities into drug soaked shooting galleries.

But Guzman isn’t satisfied with just Chicago. Historically a transit point for a variety of goods in the United States, it is the perfect distribution point to other midwestern cities. Detroit, Indianapolis, St. Louis and other hapless cities have the product of Chapo Guzman running through their veins. Do you see a common theme with those cities? High crime, gang wars and drugs, which are as easy to obtain as an AK-47.

We hear the drums of amnesty beating in Washington these days. Here is what those same people have given us so far. And Guzman isn’t the only maniac plying his trade in the United States; he’s just one of the big boys. There are plenty of private operators out there that are just as vicious, just as intent on flooding American market with drugs, and it’s only the size of their operations that separate them from the likes of Guzman.

Can anybody tell me how offering amnesty to millions of illegal aliens will address this problem at all? Of course it won’t. In fact, it is likely to legalize some of the very henchmen that work for Guzman. In the meantime, the borders will still be pourous and the problem will only have been exacerbated.

The likes of Juan “Chapo” Guzman thrive in the United States because Washington refuses to protect our borders. We can’t blame all of that on Obama, however, he took it one step further by providing automatic weapons to some of the most violent individuals imaginable. Now he wants to offer them amnesty. Rhetoric you say? Good folks that want to work, a boon to the economy, the right thing to do- that’s rhetoric. Public enemy number one is a fact…

2 comments to Public Enemy Number One Captured

  • The news keeps getting worse. One hardly knows where to start when blogging.

    • You know, I’ve considered changing the focus of this blog and concentrate on what’s right with the country and what could be. the problem is that there are so many Americans that just don’t know what’s going on in front of them. Somebody has to shine the light on the cockroaches.

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