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Race Baiting DOJ Hack Being Promoted

Republicans are helpless to stop this nomination from becoming reality, and we all will suffer for it. The fact is though, we’ve already been suffering for years and this guy will just have another avenue to inflict his brand of damage.

For the Obama regime, it looks like out with the bad and in with the worse. Exiting labor secretary Hilda reconquista Solis is leaving to make room for Barack Obama’s new nominee Thomas Perez. A top Department of Justice official, Perez escaped any scrutiny at all regarding fast and furious, and is now being rewarded for his anti-American activities that at the very least should have gotten him fired.

Perez headed the civil rights division within the Justice Department. Yes, the same division that believes civil rights laws do not apply to whites. He was also instrumental in making sure the New Black Panthers faced no repercussions after terrorizing voters at a Philadephia polling place in 2008. Refer to the previous sentence. He’s been on the attack against Joe Arpaio in Arizona for years (although has yet to actually bring any charges against Joe), and has rabidly gone after states that dared to implement voter ID laws.

Perez even attacked when there was nothing to attack. In the case of the Lancaster/Palmdale area of California, he charged the cities with discriminating against minorities applying for section 8 housing. The problem with his argument was that 86 percent of section 8 vouchers were going to minorities in those cities. Not good enough for Perez.

None of this should be a surprise though. Before joining Eric Holder’s thugs at the JD, Perez was president of Casa de Maryland, a criminal organization that aids and abets illegal aliens. He was rewarded with a gig at the Justice Department for that.

As his predecessor before him did, Perez is likely to focus on the rights of immigrants while ignoring the rights of others. I again remind you of the philosophy of his civil rights division. Obama thinks this piece of garbage is the perfect choice to decide who business will hire and how they will be treated. But again, he isn’t in the business of making things right for all, just for his own.

And that’s all right with Obama. It must be breathtaking for the regime to see their color coded Alynskyism becoming a reality with virtually no opposition. And who will stop them? Boehner? Cantor? Graham? McCain? Rubio? You could blow those placards over with a stiff breeze. And the next big gust is on the way.

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