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Religion of Peace Defiles Boston

After the horror, the grief and then the anger, the first thing that came to my mind was religion of peace. What do you know, right again. The fringe extremists that the clueless dhimmis are constantly apologizing for have enveloped Islam, and they have their signts set on the rest of the world.

The events in Boston this week no doubt affected most Americans, but for me, the fact that it happened at the venerable Boston Marathon made it even more heinous, if that’s possible. Having completed a marathon myself, I can tell you that there is a certain comraderie, a certain connection to otherwise complete strangers. That extends to those in the crowd as well. When I saw folks coming to the aid of their fellow Americans in the aftermath it wasn’t surprising at all. Those were brothers and sisters in need. Sure, there were those that got themselves out of harms way, and I don’t blame them at all. But it’s the ones that ran towards the trouble that got my attention. I’ve run with those folks. I’ve cheered on others with those folks. Those folks are heroes.

There are those though, that run towards danger in a different way, and we are all inperiled as a result.

The city of Boston is breathing a sigh of relief on the news that the two marathon bombing suspects are no longer on the streets. Two brothers, both apparently converts to Islam went on a well publicized rampage, apparently in the name of…Islam. The media would have you believe that these were perfectly assimilated refugees from Russia, seemingly as American as apple pie. The facts tell a different story though. The older brother was questioned by the FBI several years ago. We don’t know the basis of that questioning, but clearly there was enough concern on some level to warrant some kind of interrogaton. Nothing came of that interrogation, and the rest is history. Or is it?

Unconfirmed reports are that the original person of interest in the bombing, Abdul al-Harbi, was to be deported back to Saudi Arabia due to national security concerns. Apparently al-Harbi, also injured in the bombing has family ties that link back to al-Qaeda. This after John Kerry’s meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister was suddenly closed and Barack Obama’s later unscheduled meeting with the minister. The Obama regime is denying that such a scenario existed. Well, we can cull information together and draw our own conclusions or we can take MSNBC at their word. What are the odds we get confirmation from the likes of Obama?

When you hear the official news on how this investigation proceeds, just remember how the Benghazi investigation went. To this day we don’t have the full story, but like this one, we’ve pieced together what we did have and it was ugly. Expect this story to be just as murky. Two brothers committing this horrible act, escaping and then basically going out of their way to get caught. Were they the masterminds or just foot soldier fall guys? We can only speculate at this point.

In the coming days more facts will emerge as to the plot and possibly the motivation behind this attack. At the same time, the media will try and distance Islam from itself and once again blame it on extremists. We’ll see what extremists come out of the woodwork, and hopefully America will be taking a close look.

4 comments to Religion of Peace Defiles Boston

  • There is much more to this story than we are being led to believe. Between the Saudi national who is going to be deported and the three other people who have been taken in for questioning there are many questions which remain unanswered. Somehow I do not think we will ever learn these answers because history has already shown us the lengths Obama will go to in order to protect his image.

  • I’m wondering if he’s protecting more than his image. Maybe the image of his faith.

  • “I’m wondering if he’s protecting more than his image. Maybe the image of his faith.”

    My thought exact;y.

  • Just like Benghazi and other major screwups, we will never know what really happened. It’s disgusting that Russia has to tell this idiot how to watch a criminal. The religion of peace pimp fails again.

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