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Republicans Cave on Budget Deal

Both sides are congratulating themselves on what a great job they did, as the American people stare in disbelief at the incompetence of this current congress. They came up with a budget deal all right, something they could have done weeks ago. It would have been business as usual then, and it’s business as usual now.

The budget to fund the government the rest of the fiscal year is a done deal. Apparently, all that needs to be done is the paperwork. Yes, there will be yet another CR while they hash that out, and the spending frenzy will continue. It looks like about 38 or $39 billion will be cut. According to Michelle Bachmann who appeared on FOX tonight, that amounts to about a week and a half of cuts. You saw that right. Virtually nothing. Remember when the Republicans started with $100 billion in cuts? Then it went down to the mid-sixties, and now it’s in the 30’s. Planned Parenthood, NPR, and even Obamacare regulations are all included in the spending. Republicans gave the Democrats everything they wanted.

Of course, Harry Reid agreed to let the Planned Parenthood issue come up for a vote later on. Of course it’ll fail. Boehner went for it though, like a hungry fish trying to avoid a Newt Gingrich circa 1995 meltdown. So fearful that history would be repeated, Boehner and the rest of the Republicans-most of them anyway, went for the easy out. Unfortunately for them, this isn’t 1995, and they were re-installed in November to do just the opposite of what they did tonight. The argument is the the big fight is really the full budget for next year. Well, if it goes anything like this, nothing will change.

We sent Republicans to Washington to reign in spending. We can presume that they will actually try to do that with the full budget. This preview is disheartening though. Nobody wanted to see a government shutdown, but I was willing to see it if it brought Washington to their senses. We never got the chance.

The next budget fight is looming. Will the Republicans do what they were sent there to do? Or will they once again cave to Harry Reid and the rest of the big spenders in D.C.? I once again raise the CBO report that outlined billions in duplicate spending. Maybe somebody will address that this time. It wasn’t even mentioned in these negotiations.

10 comments to Republicans Cave on Budget Deal

  • Ponzi scheme at it’s best rjjrdq.

  • It appears to me that the cowards are going to leave all the heavy lifting until after the 2012 elections. That tells me we are going to see more of the same behavior on the next fiscal year budget. WTH, there’s no hurry, is there?

  • We got a little,but not even close to what is needed. It think we need to wait until 2012 to get real progress.

  • This fell far short of what we were promised in the 2010 election, but I have to admit that it ended up being more than I thought the Republicans would get after following this for weeks. This is not good enough and normally I would say that this was a start and we should go for it all in the next budget battle, but I just don’t feel as if the Republicans are up to the fight. They will talk a good game but they will let us down again.

  • I just over at Michelle Malkin that they left in junk like $20 million for Sesame Street-in Pakistan. There’s plenty more they could have cut out.

  • This is just chump change. We will have to gain all branches for us to get anything done. Maybe best not to juice up the opposition too much, and keep our eye toward 2012. It will be our last chance forever, sadly said.

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